Since the great exodus of the 1990s, North Carolina, the once furniture capital of the world, looks more like a showroom than industrial giant. Younger Furniture never got the outsourcing memo, and while other brands were moving production to China and Indonesia, Younger kept building great sofas in their High Point manufacturing facility. American-made quality is still around, and as long as Younger has a say, it will stay that way.

Founded in 1989 by Mike Younger, Younger Furniture set out from the start with a simple goal: make comfortable and quality furniture that looks great. Almost 30 years later, Younger’s never been busier, manufacturing some of the best sofas that money can buy in their North Carolina factory.

So how exactly do they do it?

They start with great designs. Younger’s ethos has always been Mid-Century Modern. Sleek lines, modern shapes, and classic details are common throughout every product they sell.

Next, they get to work on the frame with the best materials possible. Sustainably harvested, kiln-dried North American hardwood is the foundation. Double doweled joints, glued, screwed, and stapled ensure that your frame won’t bend or break. To prove it, each Younger piece comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame. Some tanks aren’t built as well as Younger sofas.

Finally, the sofa is put together using a bench-built process. That means that a single artisan, fully trained in the delicacies of sofa-making, proceeds to build the entire sofa from the frame up. He or she cuts the cushions, upholsters them, adds batten, details, and prepares the sofa for shipping. The bench-built process ensures that the utmost care and precision is used with every piece that Younger makes. Since each chair and sofa passes only through one workstation, nothing is overlooked. Mistakes are kept to a minimum and quality output is at a maximum.

Younger builds every sofa the exact way that they were meant to be: with care, precision, and an artisanal touch.

Buying a Younger sofa means more than just purchasing a place to sit for you and your family. It’s a way to preserve American quality, jobs, ingenuity, and comfort. Every frame comes with a lifetime warranty. Younger truly believes that when you buy one of their products, you’re getting a top-of-the-line piece that can stay in your family for generations.

Younger doesn’t sell cheap sofas. They do have extremely affordable, high quality sofas that can put up with the wear and tear of everyday life without breaking down and falling apart. In the world of fast fashion and planned obsolescence, Younger stands against the tide. They refuse to capitulate to a world where things you use every day crumble quicker than an overly baked fortune cookie.

Younger thinks that a sofa is an important purchase, and the memories you make around it can last a lifetime. Why shouldn’t the sofa last just as long?

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