Welcome to our second installment of Wondrous Workspaces! Today we are taking a look into a local incubator … Lamp Post Group. We explore their dynamic workspaces that offers a variety environments all packaged up in a historic building in the heart of downtown Chattanooga.

Exposed brick, 100 year old floors, elegant support beams, natural light streaming in from the arch shaped windows. It is a space we wouldn’t mind working in 5 days a week, actually we wouldn’t mind living in a space like this. The employees Lamp Post Group have got it made. Not only is the workspace aesthetically on point – but it is outfitted to cater to nurture different type of working. 

Wondrous Workspaces: Vol. 2
Wondrous Workspaces: Vol. 2


Some people need peace to map out concepts and ideas. Having a designated quiet space for those that thrive in such environments is crucial – especially if you have a rather social work culture. Lamp Post Group likes to give their workers a diverse selection of work areas. Outfit your own quiet space with a compact desk and a Think Chair from Steelcase for optimum output. 

Wondrous Workspaces: Vol. 2


Bivi by Turnstone is a the perfect desk unit to foster group working along with finishing singular project duties. No walls allow for free movement and conversation and interaction. Paired with the perfect task chair – like Aeron, you’ve just created a harmonious and ergonomic office. This type of lay out can also double as a collision space for brainstorming and informal meetings. 

Wondrous Workspaces: Vol. 2

Visit our case study to read more about the space. To learn more about Lamp Post Group find them here

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