Which Outdoor Lounge Chair Are You?

lounge chair

The world-renowned Myers-Briggs questionnaire claims to categorize an individual’s personality into one of 16 major groupings. Jung debated that there were 32. Nevertheless, the results often reveal your attitude, lifestyle preferences, and social tendencies. All in all, rather enlightening. But Myers-Briggs can’t help you find the perfect Outdoor Lounge Chair. That’s what we are here for. So we’ve rounded up our Top 8 Outdoor Lounge Chairs to help you identify the perfect summer seating for you.

The Deyo Outdoor Porch Rocker is the picture of American summer 
seating, from the likes of Southern estates to the quintessential 
farm scene. Its stable hardwood make with contoured seat and 
armrests lets you sink into a rhythmic sway.

For the “no-nonsense” Utilitarian, take a seat in the No. 9 Sofa made 
by Loll. This outdoor sofa is made from 100% recycled plastic, which makes it 
highly durable and weather resistant. The Utilitarian in you will be happy 
that you will not have to give much attention to maintaining it.

Those who love embellishments and are tickled by trends may seek summer 
seating with the Re Trouve Highback Chair from Coalesse. Steel laced curls make 
this 50’s era chair suitable for the design and aesthetic driven.

You are a casual and classic soul. Set down your gardening tools and 
relax in the Buiten Outdoor Adirondack Chair. Its armrests are crafted to hold your 
glass of lemonade and it has an angled backrest suited for devouring a good book.

You are Master of the Grill. You need a commanding chair that says you’re the boss 
and you are here to relax. The Eames Aluminum Outdoor Lounge Chair has 
the same compelling design as the striking office chair from Herman Miller, 
but this one lets you take command of more than just the office: 
you are master of the patio.

Soak in the sun, all you bathing beauties. Sit a spell in 
the Skiff Outdoor Sun Lounger, which allows you to angle the backrest 
to your liking. The minimalist design is also durable and weather-resistant.

Grab your sweetheart and cuddle up in the Buiten Outdoor Double Rocker
Its classic silhouette in 100% teak wood will allow you lovebirds to gaze into each 
others’ eyes as you rock back and forth.

Does your home look like a museum? Is design highly important to you? If so, the iconic and 
sculptural Asymmetric Chaise Lounge from Knoll is perfect for you, the Art Collector.

We hope our Outdoor Lounge Chair roundup helped you find the perfect summer seating.