What Makes a Home Office Chair Ergonomic?

Everyone always stresses the importance of investing in ergonomic furniture for offices, whether at the workplace or at home. They boast the benefits and sing its praises, but have you ever wondered what makes a home office chair ergonomic? Check out the things to look for in an ergonomic home office desk chair.

Adjustable Seat Height

With an ergonomic seat, users can adjust the height of the chair. Standard chairs without adjustable settings are not ideal for every height and body. The ideal body position while sitting in a chair leaves users with their knees slightly lower than their hips and their feet resting flat upon the floor.

Adjustable Seat Depth

Another key feature of an ergonomic seat is the ability to adjust the seat depth. This is also sometimes called the seat pan depth adjustment or seat slider. It allows the user of the chair to adjust the depth of their seat. The ideal position gives the user between one and four inches between the front of their seat and the back of their knees to promote blood flow and proper leg support.

Lumbar Support

One of the most talked-about and stressed features of an ergonomic seat is the lumbar support. An ergonomic office desk chair provides support to the user’s lower back by holding the natural “S” shape of the spine. This prevents slouching and can help alleviate spine and pelvic stress while sitting.

While there is more that goes into the ergonomic features of many home office desk chairs, these three are the most vital to look for. Keep comfort in mind with your chair, as this can affect your attention and productivity, but prioritize finding a chair that is both ergonomic and comfortable. Now, if a coworker ever asks you what makes a home office chair ergonomic, you can refer them to this blog and to Smart Furniture LLC for an answer and for help finding the chair of their dreams.

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