Top Tips for Positioning Your TV in Your Living Room

Because it’s difficult to hide technology, try to incorporate it as much as possible into your décor. Let’s face it: decorating in the real world entails dealing with a television. It’s generally reasonable to say that the television is a focal point for many people. However, selecting a location for the television without jeopardizing your furniture arrangement or décor might be difficult. To help with this, here are some of the top tips for positioning your TV in your living room!

Find a Power Source

Locate the nearest power supply to the location where you want to place your television. Check that the power supply can handle any accessories, such as Blu-ray players and sound systems. Then, consider the location of the windows and how much glare will reflect on the screen.

Hide It

Consider putting your television in a cabinet or armoire with closing doors if you don’t want it to be a focal point. However, make sure there are holes in the back for all the cords to pass through (or drill some yourself). If you have children who will use the cabinet, make sure it’s easy to open and close.

Integrate It

Place your television on a unit, such as a bookcase, and surround it with books, artifacts, and photographs to make it part of your décor. Place it around a gallery wall of photos or art in black frames to further integrate it.

The Mantel: Yea or Nay?

Most decorators will tell you that you should never place your television on or above the mantel. You’re not only putting a large, black screen in the midst of the room’s strongest focal point, but you’re also placing it too high. That said, it’s a popular fad right now, and a lot of people enjoy it. If you want to set your TV above the mantle, acquire a flatscreen and mount it to the wall.

Hopefully, you have found our tips for positioning your TV in your living room to be helpful! If you’re looking to purchase a modern media stand for your living room TV, be sure to visit Smart Furniture today! We have a wide range of furniture to ensure that we are the only stop on your way to getting the furniture of your dreams.

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