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In no particular order, here is our Top 10 list of multifunctional furniture designs. These crafty pieces add form and functionality where you need them most:

1. Henry Storage Ottoman

2. Light Box

Both a light and an ottoman … how lovely!

3. LAX Series Storage Bench

Perfect for an entryway, an office, coffee table, or the foot of the bed. You decide!

4. LAX Series 3x Wall Mounted Shelf

Mount it low…

…or mount it high!

5. Stump Storage Box

Aesthetically cool and quite tidy.

6. Flip Sofa Bed

The most deceptive of sleeper sofas….

7. Stevenson End Table

Tuck away your treasures in this versatile and chic end table…

7. Stevenson Coffee Table

… or stow more in its equally-functional coffee table cousin.

8. Villette Flip Top Console Table

A desk or a console table … what you call it doesn’t matter because it’s beautiful either way!

9. Multi-Function Extending Table

What can this table not accomplish?

10. Space Saving Bar Table with Stools

This has pretty much everything you need in one compact design. Score!

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