Tips for Positioning Your Living Room Sofas and Sectionals

A sectional sofa can be an ideal place where family and friends to get together. In a living room, the appropriate layout provides an ambiance conducive to relaxing, reading, watching TV, and socializing. Here are some great tips for positioning your living room sofas and sectionals for the best visual appeal and functionality!

Know Your Focal Point

When you’re standing in the living room, pay attention to where your gaze naturally goes. Your eyes may gravitate toward the television, a fireplace, or the outdoor view. Consider your room’s aims in addition to these natural focal spots. The entertainment center could be a nice hub if you plan to watch movies as a family on weekends. If you don’t want to have a TV in the room, use a wide window or fireplace as a focal point so that your visitors can enjoy the scenery.

Measure Your Room

If you have a tiny space, ensure the seating area doesn’t take over the space. You could use a sectional to divide a living room space in a broad, open floor design. An expert can assist you in laying out spaces and selecting sizes that are appropriate for the location. If you want to do things yourself, start by laying down newspaper or craft paper in the area where you want the sectional to go. Then, take out a tape measure and examine the proportions.

Think About Material

Avoid white or other light colors that show stains and fur if you have small children or pets. Look for upholstery that you can readily wipe clean in the event of a spill. Look for deep-seated sectionals and chaise lounges if your room has a laid-back vibe. A leather sectional can give a family room a professional appeal. Choose crisp lines and cool or sleek tones for a modern living area. Consider the room’s other aspects as well. Look for a sectional that matches the room’s ambiance if you want to display a bookcase, family portrait, or antique vases.

We hope this article has given you some great tips for positioning your living room sofas and sectionals! If you’re looking for living room pieces or want to buy office furniture online, be sure to check out Smart Furniture. We have an amazing selection and customer service team to help you accomplish all your décor goals!

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