Tag … Mark’s it! He had the privilege of sitting the in the Think Chair for day 5 of our employee review.

Today I pretty well settled into the chair and found that I like the 3rd setting on the tilt limiter – not quite all the way laid back, but supportive – and it allows me to push back slightly against it and rock a little bit. My grandfather would say that I’m keeping my joints lubricated. He’d also say that I need to shave, and that if I’m not careful, my face will stick like this. Well, at least he’s right about moving while I work; I’ve found that it helps me at the end of the day to have spent it in movement, no matter how slight.

When I lean back, the seat stays level, so there’s no edge cutting into the backs of my knees (in fact, there’s no edge at all, as much as that sounds contrary to physics). My circulation has not been cut off at any part of any of the days I’ve tried Think. At the same time, the arms – wonder of wonders – stay in place. They don’t tilt back with the chair, like every other chair out there, or at least most of them. The effect is that my hands don’t feel like they’re being pulled away from the keyboard as I rock,and I can actually place the armrests at a usable height without fear that they’ll scrape the bottom edge of my desk if I lean back. Ergonomics nerds like me will love this chair.

Think Chair

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