Last week we announced our partnership with the emerging home office furniture brand, The Smarter Office. You probably already know by now that The Smarter Office is committed to being the leading provider of home office furniture and tools. In this post, we will take a deeper dive into the four foundational concepts that drive The Smarter Office. 

  • Designed – This is the beginning of a conversation about form and function. At the most basic level, form and function should always be complimentary. But it doesn’t just stop there. Form, when designed well equals style, ergonomics, and livability. The Smarter Office designs office furniture for your home. Chances are, you don’t live in an office building. So, you probably don’t want to purchase furniture for your home that was designed for an office building. Furniture for your home office should naturally fit into the look and feel of your home. The Smarter Office designs home office furniture that is not only functional but it will also shine a new light on your home office space. smarter office designed
  • Comfort – The conversation of form and function continues as we explore the second foundational concept of the Smarter Office. It is the position of the Smarter Office that you cannot achieve complete functionality without comfort. A complete functional piece that does not deliver comfort is basically useless. Sustained, focused work requires ergonomic comfort. Injury and pain are not sustainable. The human body must be ergonomically supported and comfortable to achieve peak performance. The Smarter Office is committed to creating home office furniture that will support you week after week no matter what your task load looks like.smarter office comfort
  • Durable – Furniture needs to be durable, it’s as simple as that. When you think about classic lifetime purchases, furniture definitely makes the top of the list. We understand that when we purchase mechanical products like dishwashers or automobiles they will require regular maintenance and are unlikely to last a lifetime. However, when you commit to purchasing quality furniture, the expectation is that it is a long-term decision. The Smarter Office is dedicated to creating home office furniture that is worry free and protected with a warranty that you will never need to use. The Smarter Office expects that your purchase will tow the distance of your career and your children’s career!the smarter office durable
  • Quick Ship – As commerce continues to steadily move to online stores, shoppers sacrifice instant gratification for better service, better prices, and better selection. However, the Smarter Office is determined to provide customers with slightly delayed gratification. Teleportation isn’t quite here yet but quick ship is the next best thing. When you order a Smarter Office product by 2 pm EST, your order will ship that day. If your order is received after 2 pm EST, it will ship out the following day (M – F). It’s okay if some online orders take a little while but when it comes down to you working productivity, it needs to be fast!the smarter office quick ship 

We are both excited and thrilled to bring you fantastic home office gear from the Smarter Office, the only company focused exclusively on the new home office furniture. As we continue to release new home office products from the Smarter Office, we will keep you updated. It is the goal here at Smart Furniture to support your work and your career. It doesn’t matter if you are working in a traditional office setting or outfitting your new home office. We are here for all of your needs and we are committed to your productivity.


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