The Herman Miller Nelson Swag Leg Desk makes the perfect centerpiece
for a creative workspace

7:00 am — Wake; 8:00 am — depart for office; 8:30 am — situate self at desk; 11:00 am — proceed to meeting then refill coffee; 11:30 am —re-situate self at desk; 1:00pm — grab food; 6:00 pm — depart office; 6:30 pm — attempt hour long exercise; 7:30 pm — stop at grocery to purchase essentials; 8:00 pm — arrive home, consume food, watch inspirational TV show (Biggest Loser); 9:00 pm — pursue personal interests (read/internet searching, writing, painting); 11:00 pm — hopefully in bed.
This is a rough outline of my daily timeline. On average, I bank about 3 to 4 waking hours at home, but in all honesty the one hour in the morning doesn’t really count as awake time.

The Herman Miller Airia Desk optimizes surface space

Where is my time spent? Where is your time spent? For the most part, we can all agree that the majority of our waking hours are spent at our place of employment. No matter how much we might love our job, we inevitably meet those days where we become disenchanted. How can we combat those lackluster days in the office? How can we stay engaged, enthused, and inspired at work? I have a simple solution: space … environment. Our physical space influences the quality of our work and how we feel about our work. This isn’t just a creative work space, it is a Smart Work Space.

The Eames Sofa alongside the Embody Chair with the Envelop Desk are great additions to
any smart office space

The cubicle atmosphere is a thing of the past. Thought to increase productivity through the means of isolation, cubicles only seem to propel dissatisfaction in the workplace. Movement toward more open and modern offices have brought on trends of creativity, communication, and collaboration – as well as increases in productivity. Andrew Wiener of The Cool Hunter states that “adding color, neon, digital interiors, irregular shapes, patterns – cool stuff to look at, to touch, or to sit in or on – will heighten the senses and draw out creative thinking.” Essentially, if we update our workspace, we will begin to see the quality output we desire.

Create your own SmartSpace to update your office environment; this innovative office space featuring Bivi was created by one of our SmartSpace users

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