Sometimes the best solution to your office dilemma isn’t doing more research, but having the wisdom to reach out for help. When you’re ready for intuitive support and creative solutions, Smart Furniture can provide customized assistance to help you create an inspiring workplace for your team.

Assistance like this made all the difference for The Company Lab, a bustling startup accelerator at the center of Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial renaissance. After years of settling for a dark, cluttered office that made flexibility and collaboration difficult, Co.Lab realized that their space needed a makeover. They wanted a tidy, modern look that would support creativity and innovation.


Working together with the team at Co.Lab, Smart Furniture helped identify their pain points and work through design considerations:

  • Assessing needs: Co.Lab needed a flexible space to host emerging entrepreneurs, seasoned mentors and the occasional workshop. We recommended Bivi, by turnstone, for its sleek, modular design and ability to adapt as Co.Lab’s needs evolve.
  • Pinpointing wants: Co.Lab wanted to create a space that would do more than merely function—it had to reflect their personality. We showed them how Bivi accessories supported lively, authentic office culture with add-ons like the Bivi Bike Hook, Bivi Board Rack and Bivi Planter.
  • Determining layout: Our design staff presented Co.Lab with floor plans and renderings that kept aesthetics, style and budget in mind. Smart Furniture’s ability to offer modifications and take a project from concept to installation is something that makes remodeling a cinch.

Here are a few of the pieces Co.Lab included to achieve the look and feel they were after:

  • Big Lounge for lounge postures: By incorporating the turnstone Big Lounge, not only did Co.Lab ensure comfort for their crowd, but the pop of color adds youthful energy. Offering a palette of places to work gives team members choice and control over where and how they tackle their day, sending the message that great ideas don’t always start at a desk.
  • Paper Table for collaboration and creativity: The turnstone Paper Table brings people together around a movable paper tabletop. Gone are the days of scrounging for a napkin or grabbing paper from the recycle bin. The Paper Table makes it easy to collaborate with your team and capture the next big idea together.
  • Bivi Bike Hook and Skateboard Rack to put personal passions on display: Co.Lab wanted to bring that hip startup culture to their space, and incorporating Bivi Bike Hook delivered instant flair. Now team members who ride bicycles to work can roll into the office, hang up their wheels and get on with their day. This kind of authentic display of personal passions is critical to great startup culture in any space.

Smart Furniture associates are experts on every product in our portfolio and are ready to help you design a space you can be proud of. We’re ready to move you from floor plans to installation, making sure you have the space you need. Ready to get started?  Give us a call: 888.979.0328


To explore a selection of items you can use to create your own productive, collaborative space, visit the Co.Lab gallery at

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