There is nothing more gratifying for us than when we get see our furniture in your home. They take on new personalities in their real life setting. So we decided to start a new blog series called SIRL or Smarts In Real Life. Check out the first installment as we explore some of chairs in their new homes. 

Just like furnishings and decor can transform a space – a piece of furniture can be transformed once in a space. After a piece of furniture finds its way to its new home it has a new life and personality. This new blog post series explores our furniture in their new environment or in real life! Today we are venturing in to seating! We pop into a modern dining room, perch on a simplistic chair, lounge in a bedroom rocker, and chill on a sofa. The way you dress your seating and its surroundings set the mood for your home. Do you want it to be eclectic, inspiring, relaxed, or playful. Let’s see what today’s SIRL has in store for us! 

SIRL:Smarts In Real Life Vol. 1

First stop, @hernewtribe’s modern Portland dining room. Featuring the Comback ChairPanton ChairCalligaris Dining Table and Chunky Jute Rug. The combination a modern and sculptural with opposing materials like wood, jute and plastic certainly creates an inspirational mix. 

SIRL:Smarts In Real Life Vol. 1

Now onto the bedroom, as we relax in @adailysomething’s Eames Molded Plastic Rocker. Adding seating in the bedroom can be tricky – but the rocker allows for a corner nook to be created for reading or some much needed quiet time. Rebecca surrounded her rocker with the Oxford Tall BookcaseAmadour Bubble Glass VaseHand-Knitted Pouf and Chunky Woolen Cable Rug.

SIRL:Smarts In Real Life Vol. 1

Less is more – as we’ve all be told. The modern simplicity of @amandajanejones‘ Truss Chair is inescapable … and down right precious with her daughter perched on out gazing out the window. She added a harmonious Linen Pillow

SIRL:Smarts In Real Life Vol. 1

The Bank Sofa never looked so chic and playful. Here @jojotastic paired her sofa with some lively and cheerful pillows. Find similar ones here – Tan Fluff & Fuzz PillowHandmade Silk Pillow, and Contemporary Cotton Ribbed Pillow

We love sharing our IRL favorites so make sure to tag your Smart Furniture pieces with #SmartFurniture and follow us on instagram for daily inspiration. 

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