I confess
: I have a split personality when it comes to furniture. I’ve always loved the look of tight upholstery and crisp, straight lines. But at the same time I remember flopping into my Grandfather’s huge, overstuffed, nap-worthy recliner. It felt good. But it looked terrible. Cringe-worthy. Fugly. Was it even worth all that extra padding if it wasn’t worth looking at?

So here’s my question: can’t I have a chair that feels as good as it looks and doesn’t crowd my living room? The answer, I’ve found, is “Yes!”

If you’re on the hunt for classy modern seating that doesn’t take up a ton of room, this post is for you. You have options.

10 Seats to Shape up your Space

1 & 2: Jarvis Bisectional and Danforth Chair

See this beautiful, exposed-beam loft? Just try to imagine an overstuffed recliner in it. Yeah, didn’t think 
you could. But the Danforth Chair is the perfect counterpart to the elemental Jarvis Bisectional Sofa
(“Bisectional” means that you can switch the chaise to either side or completely detach it.) Both give 
you comfort without overcrowding the look of your space.

3. Carmichael Chair

The Carmichael Chair’s slim arms serve two vital purposes. The first is to give you the perfect place to 
rest your elbows. The second is to contain its silhouette and give it the impression of being smaller than 
it actually is. Chalk up another victory for modern common sense. It’s good design from top to bottom.

4. Kipling Glider and Ottoman

Here’s the solution for those of us who really want to put our feet up. Even better than a self-contained 
recliner, the Kipling Glider and Ottoman gives you two seats in one. Use the ottoman as either a leg 
support or seating for guests – and push it out of the way when you’re not using it. Its look is refreshing 
and clean. And it’s a glider, for heaven’s sake!

5. Halifax Chair

Minimalists are generally out of luck when it comes to comfort. Not any more! The Halifax Chair won’t 
mimic your Grandfather’s recliner, but it’ll keep you comfortable for as long as it takes to read your book 
– even if the book’s an epic. Its semi-reclined position creates a natural sitting pocket and features 
four cushions supported by an angular steel and wood frame. Halifax’s form brings 
visual openness to any space.

6. Sparrow Chair and Ottoman

With stylistic cues borrowed from the Carmichael Chair – and the 
gliding action we all love – the Sparrow Chair and Ottoman is another 
dual-threat seat. It’s a small package that delivers big comfort and will 
keep your living room spacious.

7. Spencer Chair

Classic. Well-tailored. Elegantly understated. The Spencer Chair is easy on the eyes, well-cushioned 
for comfort, and sturdily constructed for the long term. Give it a colorful throw and you’re set. This chair 
just might be your new favorite thing. It has a mid-height back – so you can even feel free to use it 
in the center of a room without creating an overcrowded look.

8. Truss Chair

Like the Halifax Chair in inspiration, but completely different in execution, the Truss Chair is rustic 
modern and ready to host your next book-reading spree. Its FSC-certified wood frame is reclined for 
the perfect sitting pocket. Its shape gives it a small visual footprint to keep your space open and airy.

9. Bolton Multi-Sectional

The Bolton Multi-Sectional is just as its name makes it seem: able to be configured in many different 
ways. Take the arms off – or leave them. Move the chaise from right to left – or remove it. Put both arms 
on the sofa and none on the chaise (or vice versa). This sectional’s flexibility gives you options 
and makes it work (perfectly) in even small living spaces.

10. Harbord Loft Bisectional Sofa

Just like Bolton, the Harbord Loft Bisectional Sofa brings flexibility to small living rooms. The arms 
don’t come off, but the “loft” in its name means that its width is reduced to save space. 
Two seats or one – it’s up to you.

See? You have plenty of options – even if your modern sensibilities cringe at the idea of a “recliner” in your “living room.” You’d rather have a well-designed lounge chair for your space. And that’s just what these chairs (and sofas) are: well-designed. The right chair makes a world of difference.

Now that you’ve got a few ideas for how to shape up your space with a svelte lounge chair, get working on it! (And shoot us some before-and-after pics so we can cheer for you!)

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