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Your dining table may reveal a lot about your dining style. More than you may think. Beyond simply style and color, shape plays a dominant role in determining the atmosphere of your gatherings. So we are breaking down dining table shapes … what they say, who they are ideal for, and suggestions for each.

1. The Rectangle:  The rectangular dining table is by far the most common and typical. It is accommodating and welcoming, while maintaining a formal and proper feel. With an extending leaf or two, you can host a large gathering or holiday meal. The two hosts are stationed at each end of the table, indicating hierarchy. Suitable for a grand dining room or an integrated dining area.

Nelson X-Leg Table

The Miramar Pedestal Dining Table

2. The Round:  The circular dining table is casual and suitable for smaller groups of people. There is no head of the table. Everyone is equal, endorsing the Arthurian myth. Perfect for a cozy group and intimate dining as you can see and speak with everyone at the table. We think it is perfect for a breakfast nook.

Nelson Swag Leg Round Dining Table

Cherry Grove New Generation Pedestal Table

3. The SquareThe square dining table is a wonderful solution for small spaces or combined kitchen/dining rooms. Suitable for 4 people or fewer, the shape allows for closeness amongst guests. If space is needed, it can easily be pushed against the wall.

Sigma Square Glass Table

LAX Series Square Table

4. The Oval Though similar to the rectangle, the oval dining table seats a larger number of guests with the 2 hosts seated opposite one another at the ends. It does have a sleek appeal and eloquent flow.

Hans Wegner CH336 Table

Antique White & Walnut Dining Table

Now let’s hear from you! What table shape is right for your home?

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