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The Herman Miller Embody Chair is a revolution in chair technology. Born in the minds of designers Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf, and produced at Herman Miller’s Michigan headquarters and manufacturing facilities around the world, the Embody has brilliance and taste built into its DNA. Three elements define the makeup of the Embody Chair: Comfort, Sustainability, and Design.

The Herman Miller Embody Chair was born out of a desire to serve you, the user. Years of exhaustive ergonomic research into the sitting and work habits of people at their desks and cubicles yielded a wealth of valuable information that the designers of the Embody Chair put to use. The Pixelated Support System makes the chair breathable and flexible, distributing weight and letting air pass freely. The build of the Embody supports and relaxes the pressure on the spine, and narrows at your shoulders to provide a range of movement. The Embody Chair has been perfected to the point that scientific observation has shown sitting in one can actually improve your health, mood, and spinal alignment.

The Embody isn’t just about ergonomics. It is plainly a stunningly handsome chair. Designed creatively and pitched perfectly between innovation and reliable form, the Embody Chair is a knockout. The parentage of the chair—designers and manufacturers—have put several chairs into the permanent collections of world renowned art museums. The Embody Chair is sure to be the next invitee.

The Embody Chair was born to serve you, the user, and from the day you bring it into your home or office it will work to accomplish that goal. Herman Miller guarantees the Embody for the first 12 years of its life. At the end of that time period you will likely choose to keep the chair for yourself or as an heirloom, but if you choose to retire it, the Embody has been sustainably produced with you in mind. The chair can be easily and quickly disassembled, and the greater part of the chair is recyclable.

The Embody Chair by Herman Miller is meant to make you healthier, happier, and more comfortable. Buying an Embody means buying sustainable, beautiful, comfortable design.

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