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If you are searching for a new office chair, look no further than the Herman Miller Embody. The Embody chair has been designed and created specifically for users who sit and work at computers for long periods of time every day. The inspiration for the Embody chair was the human spine itself. This chair was created with only the user in mind. No other chair has devoted as much to ensuring the comfort of the consumer. Embody is the innovative creation of Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber.

The designers at Herman Miller say sitting is bad. No one likes to sit around all day, moving only their fingers. Unfortunately this is the reality for millions of people. These people are sitting all day with no movement or activity. Enter the Embody chair. Sitting for long periods of time is not the best thing for your long term health, and the Embody is the solution: the world’s first health positive chair. This is the first and only chair that has a positive, gain-focused benefit to both your mind and body.

The designers say that with the increase of technological design, they have become more empathetic with people who sit at their computers all day. The design of the Embody was born out of necessity. These designers created a chair for themselves as well as the consumers who would be sitting in chairs for hours on end every day. In the beginning, Stumpf and Weber had a goal.

They sought to provide the public with a chair that could be health positive or therapeutic, and not just neutral. Chairs have been designed for years that stop the negative effects of sitting in chairs all day, but the Embody Chair would go above and beyond, creating a chair that would have positive effects on the user. By changing the surface pressure on the seat and back of the Embody chair, creating a waterfall edge and pioneering a whole new support and comfort system, the designers created a chair that is health positive.

Medical professionals have preached for years that remaining sedentary for long periods of time is unhealthy. Sitting still all day can contribute to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more. Sitting in a chair all day puts pressure on your spine. Floating in air all day puts no pressure on any part of your body. The Embody chair seeks to imitate just that. The idea is that dynamic surface pressure on the chair seat and back will create an environment that has less pressure on your spine, much closer to floating in air.

The Embody chair was designed both technically and visually based on and around the human spine. The back of the Embody chair physically resembles a spine with interlocking pieces. This was not unintentional. This visual resemblance serves as a reminder of why you bought the chair in the first place, to make your more comfortable and healthy. The back of the chair also acts as a spine technically. It moves and adjusts with you so that no matter what position you are in, your spine is aligned and healthy. The lower back support on the chair remains the same whether you recline or lean forward. The backrest is fairly narrow, allowing your arms to move freely and without any obstruction.

Embody is created to provide the perfect posture for the consumer when sitting at a computer desk. A signature arrangement of pixels creates seat and back surfaces on the Embody chair that automatically adjust to your movements and redistribute your weight evenly. The Embody chair fits to your form and reduces any seat pressure allowing an increase in blood circulation. Increasing your blood circulation improves the flow of oxygen to your brain and decreases heart rate. This helps with productivity and even high blood pressure. There is no need to create this chair in different sizes because it fits every user. The Embody chair adapts to a wide variation in contours, postures, and even spinal curves. The depth of the seat is changeable based on different thigh lengths and the armrests fit an array of sizes as well.

Herman Miller is one of the most Earth-friendly furniture companies around. Their attention to eco-friendly details is surpassed by none. They did not fail to impress with the Embody chair. The facility used to create embody chairs only produces one trash can full of landfill waste a month. That is less than most single family homes. The facility is also run on only renewable energy. 42% of the chair is created from recycled substances, and when it is done being used 95% of the chair can be recycled.

There are a few different options to complete the look of your Embody chair. Chairs don’t really feel like they belong to you until you customize them to look exactly how you want them to look. This chair has three options for the base finish; they are polished aluminum, graphite, and titanium. The polished aluminum will add a little extra to your cost, but is definitely worth it. Herman Miller offers two choices for the finish on the frame: graphite and white. The material is where you can really make the chair your own. Many color options are offered for the material on the back and seat of the chair. Green, red, brown, yellow, blue, practically any color can be used to cover your Embody chair. Casters can be customized for whatever floor your chair will be used on. Casters can be for hardwood floors or carpet. You can also choose to have adjustable arm rests or fixed ones. These chairs can be adapted to fit into any work environment that is already in place. There are so many colors to pick from; you will definitely find a material that will match the office that you are already working in.

The Embody chair is beautifully crafted, as well as custom made for an office worker. No longer will sitting for hours on end be considered a bad thing in your workplace. These chairs allow the user to be comfortable as well as productive while sitting in a chair, at a desk for the majority of the day.


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