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Embody Chair Employee Review by Matt

Hello Embody Chair shoppers! This is Matt Wood writing from Smart Furniture. I’ve been with the company for about 2 years and you may recognize me from my review of the Leap Chair. When my boss asked me to review the Embody Chair I was more than happy to do so as I’ve spent quite some time sitting in one and have lots to say about it. Little did I know that this review would involve cameras and require me to speak in front of them.

I have to say though that I’m quite pleased with the final product (the end result of many takes and some quality editing). If the volume isn’t quite loud enough or you find my voice displeasing, there’s a transcript below for your convenience. Also, be sure to check out the links below the video, especially the product reviews. So without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you our video review of the Herman Miller Embody Chair. Enjoy.


Welcome to the video review of the Embody Chair. Designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber, and produced by Herman Miller. My name is Matt Wood.

That’s me. OK, the first thing you notice about the Embody Chair is how it looks; the design is unconventional to say the least, and the affect is quite striking. The narrow back, the up-curved arms, and the original profile of the chair are all departures from the norm. Obviously tastes vary, but we think it’s pretty cool.

We’re looking now at the back of the Embody Chair. You can see it’s a very unique, innovative design- the most prominent feature being this spine which runs from the top of the chair to underneath the seat, and this spine is actually designed to mimic and work like the human spine. It’s not rigid at all, it bends and it flexes, and it moves when you move in the chair. This spine is connected to the seat through this flexible support system, it looks like a series of H’s running up and down the chair, and the spine and the support system blend into the chair itself so when you move, the chair moves.

After sitting in the chair for a few days, I can tell you it really is quite adaptable. The spine kept me in good posture, and even better, made that posture comfortable. Reclining and leaning were easy, especially because of the range of movement the Embody allows in the shoulder area. The narrow back frees them up.

Over several days the Embody Chair did what it promised as far as design goes. I was comfortable, my back was well supported, and I could move easily. This is a very well-designed product.

So the Embody Chair is a task chair. It is highly adjustable, it is meant to be used while you’re doing work, so it’s meant to be comfortable and to fit you-the user.

You can start with the arms- the arms can go down, the arms can go up, they can go out, they can go in, so whatever task you’re doing you can adjust the arms to fit that task.

You can adjust the amount of recline that you get with your chair. Some people like to work close to your computer, some people like to recline, and there are two adjustments that do this- these two knobs right how. This back one adjusts how rigid your back is. If you twist it away from you, you decrease the amount of rigidity in the back so you make it looser, so you can really recline this way. If you twist it toward you, you increase how rigid it is. So now you won’t adjust as much.

This second knob here adjusts the amount of recline you get with your back. So again, very intuitive, you twist it away from you, you’re increasing the amount of recline, so that’s almost no resistance right there. You twist it towards you, there’s less give. You have more firmness in the back.

You can also adjust the height of the chair, using this clear knob that’s poking out right here. You reach right down, push it down, and the chair height goes down. Take your weight off for a moment, and it goes back up.

As far as comfort goes, the Embody Chair is probably the best office chair I have ever sat in. This is a premium quality, top of the line chair that is highly adjustable. You can customize many different features on this chair in just a few seconds, you can lean forward in it, you can lean back in it, you can twist, you can recline. It puts no strain on your body. It encourages you to move while you’re working and it makes you more productive.

Herman Miller claims that this is the first health-positive chair, and I’m not a doctor, but after having sat in it for about a week, I believe it.

Smart Furniture also rates chairs based on their environmental sustainability. Here too, the Embody Chair surpassed our expectations. Much of the chair is composed of recycled material, and the chair itself is 98 percent recyclable. It’s GREENGUARD Certified, and can contribute to LEED credits. It’s easy to put together and take apart, and therefore, easy to recycle.

So overall, the Embody Chair is stylish, it’s well designed, it’s comfortable, it’s highly customizable, and to top it all off, it’s one of the greenest chairs on the market. It’s very environmentally friendly, and because of all those reasons it gets our very highest recommendation. Thanks for watching, I’m Matt Wood, and thanks for visiting SmartFurniture.com.


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