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Recent findings by National Institute of Health have found that cardiovascular disease accounts for nearly 50 percent of all deaths in industrialized nations. This represents a staggering increase in the last 30 years—in other words, over the same period of time in which technology and the rise of the cubicle have conspired to make working much more sedentary and less healthy for the heart. The designers of the Embody were deeply concerned by these findings and endeavored to make the Embody safe for users and good for the heart.

embody chair

So how can a chair actually improve your heart health? How can the Embody Chair help in preventing cardiovascular disease? The answer is deceptively simple: by lowering the user’s heart rate.

The engineers and designers behind the Herman Miller Embody Chair found a way to regulate and slow the heartbeat while at work. This leads to improved cognitive function, lowered stress on the heart, and even increased productivity. How did they do it?

One obvious way was to create a chair that promoted movement. The Embody Chair is designed to free up your body and encourage movement within the chair. The narrowing backrest frees up the shoulders, and allow the arms and upper back to stretch and twist. The back and seat of the Embody Chair are designed to respond to each individual user in a personalized way. The material molds and shapes itself to the contours of the user, enabling people of all shapes and sizes to experience a proper center of gravity and even pressure distribution while sitting in the Embody Chair. This too promotes movement. Movement, in turn, leads to better circulation, leading to a healthier heart and more focused mind.

embody chair back

To further aid in improving circulation, the designers of the Embody Chair gave it a wide toolbag of adjustments, including arm rest height and width (keeping your elbows and forearms from losing circulation), seat height and depth, and tilt adjustments. The Embody Chair also “falls off” like a waterfall at the edge of the seat, and that keeps the backs of your thighs from experiencing excessive pressure and and losing circulation as well. The Embody Chair has been designed at every turn to keep your blood flowing well, which makes you healthier, more focused, and in a better mood. Herman Miller claims that the Embody Chair is the world’s first health-positive chair and, with design features like this, it’s not hard to see why.


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