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For many people, the computer has become a real conduit through which life is lived. It’s their primary tool at work. They do all of their work on a computer, answer all of their emails, and execute most communications. At home, however, the screen stays on. There is a huge online gaming community, an even larger online social networking one. With Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn, even when you’re at home, you still need access to your computer to stay current and keep yourself stocked with great entertainment. That means you need a great computer chair, as well. And that’s where the Embody Chair comes in.

The Embody Chair is definitely a work chair, and that can come first and foremost. It’s designed to help your body withstand the punishment of eight hour days full of little but sitting and working. But it’s also built for the 8, 12, even 14 hour days that end with you coming home and using the computer for more than just work. There are plenty of cheap and unassuming computer chairs out there that can all be of use. But there aren’t any office and home computer chairs on the market with the cachet, the style, and the simple comfort and support of an Embody Chair.

So what makes the Embody such a great choice for the home and the office?

embody chair

The Embody Chair by Herman Miller is the only one that has the versatility to provide satisfaction to people of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and occupations. Perhaps you don’t work in an office. Or you already have an Embody at work and crave the same freedom of movement and level of luxury at home. Embody represents an outstanding addition to any 21st century home. The increasingly technological nature of our home lives is just another reason Embody is so compelling. After all, shouldn’t we feel most comfortable in our own homes?

This is where the years of research behind the Embody Chair design really pay off. Co-designer Bill Stumpf researched and studied the physical effects of sitting for more than 30 years. His innovation and attention to detail are “Embody-ed” in this crown jewel: Herman Miller’s Embody Chair. Today over 3 million Americans play online poker. Countless others spend hours every week in front of their computer, playing online games or solving puzzles. Thanks to the tireless work of Stumpf and his colleague, Jeff Weber, both serious and casual gamers will find the optimal environment in the Embody Chair. No longer will you be forced to retire after a short stint in the game due to cramps or a strained neck. No longer will you wake up in the middle of the night with a sore back caused by hunching over a computer. No longer will poor circulation or awkward posture lead to a lack of focus at the most crucial point in your online adventure.

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That’s a lot of “no longers,” but the Embody Chair has the features, the looks and the pedigree to back it all up. When you’re working on a long poker session, gaming, emailing, or working late into the night, you’ll be glad you made the investment in the best office chair on the market. Your back, shoulders, thighs, circulation, and brain function will thank you as well. That’s because the Embody isn’t just the most comfortable and supportive chair; it’s also the world’s first health-positive chair. Just sitting in it can help you with posture problems, lessen joint and nerve damage, and decrease stress levels throughout your body. The healthy choice is very rarely the wrong choice, and the Embody Chair is no exception.

So sit back and relax as the Embody Chair effortlessly conforms to your spine, frees your thighs and shoulders, and guides you to gaming glory. Take pleasure, not just in the weightless feel and smooth sensation of the Embody Chair, but also in the fact that you are experiencing top of the line in-home comfort that keeps you a step ahead of all other gamers.

Smart Furniture is proud to make the Herman Miller Embody Chair available to workers and gamers alike. Play on.


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