embody chair back

The Embody Chair was designed to keep your spine in a natural and healthy alignment no matter what posture you assume. Most workers slouch in their chairs when they sit. The Embody, rather than combating this or forcing workers to adopt uncomfortable positions in order to be properly supported, was designed to accommodate a reclined, relaxed position, allowing generous space and flexibility for movement. How does it do this?

The engineers and designers of the Embody designed the chair to have a spine of its own, as well as attached flexing “muscles.” The back of the Embody Chair proudly displays the fruits of their work: a long spine that ranges from the top of the chair to the bottom, which is flexible, supportive, and strong. This spine reacts in much the same way as the human spine does, and the interlocking “muscles” that cover the back of the chair do the same. The goal of the structure is to move with you, twist with you, lean with you, and all the while support your back in every position. In this situation, as with so many others, flexibility was the answer the Embody designers hit upon.

All of this effort and research confirmed another finding: that positions of recline were actually easier and healthier for the spine than sitting straight up, as many office chairs force the user to do. The Embody works with your body to make you as comfortable and healthy as possible—and because that often means reclining, the Embody Chair was designed to be the best reclining office chair on the market. The Embody’s angle of recline, tension within recline, and recline depth can all be adjusted without losing a bit of of the comfort and support the chair has to offer.


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