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The Embody Chair by Herman Miller is a testament to the power of great design and engineering. A completely ergonomic chair, it’s also completely original in terms of style and figure. The designers of the chair, Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf, wanted to create something new and unseen; a chair that was truly one of a kind, a new mold on the office furniture scene. With the Embody Chair thy succeeded in every way. Here is a chair that looks great (and looks like no other office chair) but also fits great, feels great, and supports you in every sitting position. A day sitting in an Embody Chair is truly different than a day in any other chair. You’re more comfortable, more supported, more relaxed. Your joints, muscles and legs are less stressed and therefore your blood flow is much less restricted; this in turn leads to quicker thinking and a better overall mood. Not content with being merely the world’ first health positive chair, the Embody is also one of the world’s first productivity positive chairs, actually leading to better focus and attention at work (not to mention ending the need for superfluous breaks and stretching periods caused by uncomfortable chairs). To investigate how sitting in an Embody Chair for even one day could really make a difference, we lent the chair to an independent reviewer, and asked him to take notes on how he felt sitting in the chair on the first day. In addition, he wrote us a full review of the chair, also a good read with lots of information on the Embody Chair.

9:00 AM
I get to work and sit down in the Embody Chair for the first time. I immediately take note of how comfortable it is. The seat pan is deep and wide, not constricting in any way. When I lean back the chair gives just a little bit, but there’s more than enough rigidity in the spine to keep me upright and facing my work station. I notice for the first time that the arms adjust; this is pretty cool. I work with them a little bit to get them in just the right position (slightly lower than my desk, so my forearms rest on edge of desk and my elbows on the arm pads). The arms go up and down an in and out. That’s a pretty neat feature.

9:43 AM
I’m now playing with all the different adjustments. All of them can be made from a sitting position; I don’t have to get out of the chair to change anything, I can do it all while I’m sitting and working. That’s nice, and keeps the chair from being a distraction. In the end, while the many different adjustments are impressive, I just reset it to the way it was when I got it.

1:26 PM
After lunch now, and I’m feeling a little tired. The Embody is still very comfortable, but again, the strength in the back of the chair is keeping me upright and focused. I commented at lunch that’s it’s one of the most comfortable office chairs I’ve ever sat in, and that my favorite feature so far is the adjusting arms and the look of the back of the chair. Which reminds me, I haven’t discussed yet.

The Embody Chair is extremely cool looking. The top of the chair sort of narrows, so you shoulder blades are actually on the outside edge of the chair. I like this, it feels like I can move a little easier and my shoulders don’t hunch. But my favorite part of the design is the back; the spine of the chair curves out and in, going from the top to the bottom of the seat pan, and the little finger-like honeycombs of the support structure are tres cool as well.

Well it’s almost the end of the day. I was quite productive, quite comfortable, and well-supported. I never needed to get up and stretch, and I never felt uncomfortable at my desk. I don’t know how well I can rate support on just this one day, but in my review (we have to use a chair for almost a week before we write a review) I’ll have a more full accounting of that. I loved the adjustments, I loved the comfort. I loved the look. The only thing that might hold me back from buying the chair is the price, which is a bit steep. At the same time, I can understand why it’s at the level it is; this is a very fine office chair. Overall, I enjoyed it very much, and wish I could keep it.


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