Independent Overall Rating: 6 of 10  

Pros: The adjustments and the price point on this chair are hard to beat.

Cons: It’s not handsome, overly comfortable or supportive. It’s average in practically every category, or slightly above average.

Overall Rating: (6/10) The Celle Chair is better than big-boxes, but a lesser Herman Miller product. The price point however makes it very attractive.

Product Review

First Impression

The Herman Miller Celle Chair is a sturdy, average-looking, moderately comfortable office chair. That is to say, while not up to the standard of the other Herman Miller work chairs, it’s still a bit above average when it comes to the standard big-box store computer chair. There are a wide range of adjustments on the chair, and a high degree of technological innovation in the individual flexing discs and loops that make up the surface of the seat and the seat back. All to the good. However, the chair that’s advertised to move according to your every minute body movement is a bit rigid. The surface of the chair feels plastic, and while it’s not hard, it’s not inviting or particularly soft. The adjustments certainly help a lot when it comes to staying comfortable and supported, but this isn’t a ten hour a day chair.

When you bring value into the equation, however, suddenly Celle becomes much more attractive. For practically the same cost of a standard office chair, you get a product that better in almost every regard, and definitely superior when it comes to craftsmanship and adjustability.

The “X” Factor

The style of the chair. How you feel about the way it looks will have a big impact on how you judge it as an office chair. It’s a somewhat polarizing look.

The Bottom Line

This is a good value buy if you want something a little better than the big box stores. But if you’re looking for work chair luxury and high performance, look elsewhere.

Product Ratings

(6/10) This chair is saved from a 5 (which is precisely average, not three notches below C-) by the wide range of adjustments that come with it. When you can make your chair fit your body in a very familiar and personal way, it goes a long way toward keeping you happy and healthy over long periods of sitting. Every little disc and loop that dot the surface of the seat and the seat back is meant to respond to your every movement independently. Herman Miller claims this is a fact, but after sitting in the chair for a while it was hard to feel. While the chair was not completely rigid, the surface didn’t respond nearly as well as, say, the Embody Chair, which features the same kind of technology. That would be forgivable except that the Celle just isn’t that comfortable over long periods of time (8 hours plus). If I couldn’t feel every individual seat part moving while I sat, but I never felt the need to stretch or walk around after a long day at the desk, then I would choose not to believe my lying eyes. But unfortunately that’s not the case.

Not to say that Celle is uncomfortable. Only that it isn’t exceptional, and the experience of sitting in one is not as eye-opening as the advertising seems to suggest.

Ergonomically, the chair is just as slightly above average. Again, the adjustments are a big help in this arena. When you shape a chair to your particular tastes, it’s always going to be more comfortable and more supportive for you. And Celle excels at allowing you to make choices about how you’ll be able to sit in it.

(6/10) The design of the Celle Chair is richly evoked in the look of the chair. It’s got a very futuristic and less is more approach that Herman Miller has espoused with several of their office chairs. There is plenty or aeration as well, which is a comfort measure as well as a style measure. The chair was designed by Jerome Caruso, a talented industrial designer who’s done everything from furniture to refrigerators. It has the same exo-skeletal feel of the Aeron Chair, the same futuristic gloss, and it has the super-advanced technology present in the little discs and loops of the back and seat. The many adjustments don’t stick out or detract from the overall look of the chair.

When it comes to design, features, functionality and convenience are tops. Celle has all three, but with emphasis on convenience (adjustments).

(5/10) The Celle will be a chair you must judge on your own when it comes to style. In the opinion of this reviewer, it’s plainly average. Though not ugly, there are no particularly attractive features on the chair, and whether you think the style is right for you will depend on how you countenance the discs and loops that make up the seat and the seat back. I’m all for aeration of chair surface area, and for allowing space in a design, but the discs are rather dense; the idea of breathing does not apply itself to this chair easily. Check out the pictures on the Smart Furniture website; this is definitely a call you need to make on your own.

(8/10) Herman Miller is perhaps the most respected and well-known fine furniture purveyor in the United States, and even the world. You won’t find a company with a greater commitment to excellence, environmental responsibility, classic and timeless design, and peerless craftsmanship. The designer of the chair, Jerome Caruso, has a no real track record when it comes to this kind of furniture, but judging on this chair alone the construction and durability seems to be very good and up to par.

(8/10) All the furniture made at Herman Miller is held to a very high environmental standard. The Design for the Environment initiative, which calls for zero emissions factories and high production standards. All shipping material is re-usable and recyclable.

(7/10) The Celle Chair adjusts very well. This is a key ingredient when it comes to performance. While this chair doesn’t handle the body very well past about the eighth hour (in the sense that you can’t just sit forever without soreness or a need to stretch) it’s durable and comfortable over an average workday.

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