Independent Overall Rating: 7 of 10 

Pros: The chair is simple, flexible, and practical.

Cons: Not built for heavy duty usage behind a desk.

Overall Rating: The Caper Chair performs it’s duty effectively, colorfully, and stylishly. It fills multiple roles in the office with aplomb, and it’s plenty comfortable to boot. It’s not high performance, and it’s not great for long days behind a desk.

Product Review

The Caper Chair is a lightweight, colorful chair made for offices, auditoriums, and any kind of group seating. They can be stacked and ganged, and they can be used in practically any situation – they’re versatile and unique.

Everything the chair is meant to convey is in the name: Caper. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s built for movement and variety rather than life behind a desk for ten hours a day. This is a chair that can spend part of the day in your office kitchen, part in a conference room, and part as a side chair next to someones desk. It wears many hats, comes in many colors, and serves most office purposes.

The Caper Chair practically is an X factor. It can fit in your office anywhere you need it to, and fill the gap with style.

The Caper Chair is attractive, functional, and fills a lot of roles in the office. It’s a good investment and gets our recommendation.

I thought the chair was kind of insubstantial. Not too much there, but it was comfortable enough.

Product Ratings

This isn’t a desk chair. Or, more accurately, it wasn’t built to be a desk chair exclusively. It’s meant to be shared, sat in by many different folks and located in several different rooms. And because of all that, ultimate comfort wasn’t the goal. While the chairs are just a cut about average in the comfort department (when compared to bargain chairs) they don’t really compete with most of the other Herman Miller office chairs. They’re built with hard plastic, and while the chair is contoured to fit the body, it can be tough to sit in for longer than a few hours at a time.

Jeff Weber, who had a hand in designing the legendary Embody Chair for Herman Miller, also designed the Caper Chair. The chair is well suited to it’s purpose, as it’s lightweight and easy to move from place to place. It’s a flexible option. The chair is also fairly comfortable, and ergonomically shaped. Using bright plastic as a material is a nice touch, as it gives the chair plenty of personality.

This is well designed chair, and though it won’t be listed among the top 25 products available at Herman Miller, it’s definitely carved out a place for itself in the modern office scene.

The Caper Chair is a bright, light, attractive chair. Stylistically it takes a few cues from the Nelson and Eames plastic chairs – namely their curvy contours and open spaces, as well as the bright coloration. The Caper Chair can brighten and improve any room, liven up any space, and serve them effectively and productively. Jeff Weber has a great eye for a good looking chair, as his work here and with the Embody clearly shows.

No one really competes with Herman Miller in terms of class, excellence, and historic primacy on the American classic furniture scene. Jeff Weber is one of the best modern designers working right now, and this chair is made to the highest standards in the industry.

Every chair that’s produced in a Herman Miller manufacturing facility gets high marks in this category. Herman Miller is famous for producing chairs according to strict internal environmental rules. The manufacturing is low emissions, low material, and zero waste. The Caper Chair itself is recyclable.

The Caper Chair isn’t built for desk performance. Rather, it’s built to perform in the office as a whole – a jack of all trades chair that never gets in the way but always shows itself to be useful. In the kitchen, in the conference room, and anywhere else a lightweight, stackable, gang-able, comfortable chair can go, it works.

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