Independent Overall Rating: 6 of 10   

Pros: It’s a unique chair at a good value.

Cons: It’s not particularly well designed for performance, support or ergonomics.

Overall Rating: The Bungie Chair is comfortable over intermediate lengths of time, looks good, and is certainly unique. It suffers along ergonomic, design and performance lines, and receives an incomplete environmentally. All in all, a pretty good chair at a very good value.


The Executive Bungie Chair from Euro Style is a study in the use of unique materials to create a traditional form. With the Bungie Chair, we see bungee cords and plastic re-imagined and engineered to give the chair the comfort and pliability of leather, padding, or any other giving, soft material. In terms of pure comfort, the chair is above the average foam-and-upholstery jobs that have come to dominate the market on office and task chairs. The bungee cords, stretched tight over the “seat” and with plenty of spacing in between them, give the chair it’s look and it’s main design feature. It’s a clever way to use the devices. However, there are limitations to the chair, self imposed by the bungee design. One such limitation is the edge of the chair, or rather the final bungee cord; with most modern and ergonomic office chairs, the edge is designed to flex and bend, easing pressure on the thighs and keeping the blood supply going strong. With the Executive Bungie Chair, the edge is bendable, like all the cords, but only bends at an angle. Unless you sit fully back in your seat, the cord can make your legs uncomfortable. When it comes to adjustments, the Bungie Chair is average; there aren’t very many, but the chair is certainly not ruined by the lack. Overall, this is a reasonably attractive chair at a great price, with a few flaws in design and execution.

Very good for conference rooms; it’s a different, fun-looking chair, and it’s comfortable over intermediate stretches of time; like that weekly board meeting.

This chair is recommended on a limited basis; not great for long hours or employees who need strong ergonomic support.

I thought the chair was kind of ugly. I mean, it does look kind of cool with the bungee cords, but still; overall, not a pretty chair.

Your mileage may vary on how attractive you find the bungee and plastic aesthetic of the chair. I think it works well together and projects an air of looser, alternative business.


The Executive Bungie Chair is definitely comfortable. But is it ergonomic? Not really. The bungee cords stretched tight over the seat pan of the chair are of course very giving and put little pressure on your buttocks. However, when if comes to proper alignment and posture-corrective design features, the chair is lacking. And, of course, the aforementioned seat edge does little to improve the ergonomic rating. This isn’t a chair you can sit in for hours and hours without getting up to stretch or move around. The backing of the chair, also bungee construction, is a victim of the same problem. The cords are giving, but they’re not particularly supportive or ergonomically sound. The chair is, overall, more of a stylistic concept that led to a design, rather than the other way around. It’s more than adequate, however, when it comes to comfort over intermediate stretches of time.

The Bungie Chair is sort of a mixed bag here. On the one hand, the idea of using bungee cords in a non-traditional way is effective to a certain extent, and certainly interesting. On the other hand, bungee is not a material (at least in this chair) that can be made into strong, ergonomic furniture. The design features of the chair begin and end with the bungee cord; the adjustment for tilt is a simple pin, when you pull it out the chair fully reclines, when you put it in, the chair is stopped from reclining. The armrests are rigid and not adjustable.

The Executive Bungie Chair is definitely unique. The materials and the execution of the Bungie Chair have a flavor all their own, though the form, the high-back, power-conferring “executive chair” is very staid. The look of the chair is unique but not beautiful; clever but not ingenious.

Euro Style does a brisk trade in modern furniture (including less pricey knock-offs of iconic pieces), but they haven’t quite scaled the heights of Knoll or Herman Miller just yet. Their products are above average, often beautiful, and always at value prices.

No information about environmental standards exists on the site for Smart Furniture or Euro Style. Bungee, plastic and rubber make up much of the chair’s composition.

One category in which the Executive Bungie Chair is below average. There are no features on the chair making work easier, and the de-emphasis on design and ergonomics costs it because it’s not built for long stretches on uninterrupted work.

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