Day 1

The Amia Chair is insta-ergonomic technology that has my back. I can honestly say that I have never been happier about a chair switch in my Smart Furniture career — now, I have only had three switches so far, but I’m trying to magnify the fact that this is by far my favorite. I did a little pre-switch research and discovered that the design for the Amia has roots in the old version of the Volkswagen Bug and a nearly-empty glass of cognac. Don’t drink and drive is what comes to mind next after hearing that, but fortunately I’m at no risk there. I find those ideas very off-the-wall for a chair, but at the same time, I am happy to sit on an idea like that. It reminds me to think outside the boundary or the expected norm.

Earlier today I was complaining about how my back was bothering me, and believe me, it was. I ride my bicycle to and from work, plus most everywhere else I want to go, every day. That leaves me with aches and pains that are hard to deal with and an uncomfortable chair does nothing except perpetuate them. Sitting down in my new Amia after adjusting it to the nuances of my body is sublime. I feel no pressure on my back besides support. As I said, sublime. And, ironically, my Amia is green. Ha! Get it? Sub-lime, green? Ah, I never get over cheesy jokes.

Day 2

Let’s talk fabric. My old chairs were leather, or something like it. You know, the kind that sticks to your skin until the last possible second when you are standing up? Yeah, that kind. Not the Amia though. It’s a very nice comfy fabric. I wasn’t sure at first, because when I first touched it, I thought it was a bit rough. Once I sat down I was reassured by the fact that I felt swathed. Comfortable. Snug. Not one ounce of an itch or annoying cling in this fabric.

Over the course of the day I move around in my chair a lot, even going so far as to sit cross-legged. The Amia copes with it! I can adjust the lumbar support to my back no matter how I am sitting, leaving me always supported, provided I remember to change it. So far, this chair rocks it! And by “it,” I mean my comfort. This green, comfortable, mobile chair … rocks my comfortability.

Day 3

The Amia is Amia-zing. Pardon the stretch for a pun, but we all know by now what a sucker I am for cheesiness. I can hardly find anything I do not like about the chair. So far, the only negative thing I can think of is the fact that I can easily pull the arm rests forwards when I do not want to. Not a bad thing at all, especially if you like armrests that move easily! Also, I am discovering that the Amia will lean very far back. It’s not one of those tippy sorts of leans, either; you put pressure on the back and lean, and then you are stretching. It’s a good feeling.

Strangely enough, and to my relief, my back pain is lessening. Imagine that! A chair can affect the way your body feels in three days. I am notably less discomfited when I stand up than I was when I was using my old chair. The Amia is not a miracle cure-all, but it’s helping. I am so grateful!

Day 4

I missed my Amia last night! I was sitting in this terrifically uncomfortable chair while I was working at home and that chair had barely any cush, no arms, back was rail straight and diamond hard – needless to say, I am spoiled in the Amia. My standards are higher now. On a one-to-ten scale (judging office chairs, home office included), I give it a nine. Most other office chairs tag in at a measly three. Ponder that; better yet, find out what I mean.

Today I had the opportunity to sit in a Leap Chair, another fine member of the Steelcase family, and I think at this point that I prefer the Amia. Amia is a weightier chair and I like that – it is a good, sturdy, comfortable chair.

A little later in the day I helped one of my co-workers change offices and I strained my back in a rather bad way and have been sitting down ever since. There is such a difference even after about half an hour; I can twist, sit back all the way, lean forward – really, it makes a difference.

Day 5

The strain of moving office equipment with my colleague yesterday took more of a toll on my back than I had thought, because I could not walk properly after I got home. I felt as if I had an eighty year-old’s body. In light of that, I spent most of the evening seated. When I tried to stand up it took me (I kid you not) three minutes to get vertical. It hurt. A lot. On the ride to work this morning, I had some lingering pain issues and riding took a lot longer than usual. I was heavily anticipating being able to sit in Amia, having previously experienced its helpful qualities.

Now that I have been sitting in it for a while, I feel worlds better. I can get out of my chair with a spring in my step, instead of meandering along at a granny’s pace … which is decidedly unbecoming for an eighteen year-old.

Day 6

I will be parting with Amia as my week is over, and I am very, very sad. It’s back to flimsy, unsupportive, sticky leather, generic office chairs for me. My experience with this amazing chair has opened my eyes to the possibilities of office chairs being comfortable and adjustable. It also makes me acutely aware of just how regretful of having to give it up I will be next week when I stand up and grab my back, hobble a few steps, then stand upright.

Yes, it is possible to miss a chair. I know, because I miss my green, cushy, sturdy, flexible Amia already. Good bye Amia. You have a special place in my heart.

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