the amia chair

The Steelcase Amia features a unique adjustable back support known as LiveLumbar technology. What Amia buyers will notice immediately is the effortlessly responsive fit that the LiveLumbar provides. What they may not know is just how important this feature is for their overall well-being. The lumbar segment of the spine consists of the lower five vertebrae, located just above the pelvis. This portion of the spine bears the most weight and has the most flexibility. As such, it is also the most susceptible to injury and discomfort, even from daily wear and tear.

amia chair

When you buy Amia, you are making an investment in your health. This adjustable lumbar support technology found only in the Steelcase Amia Chair will prevent the lower back strain that plagues so many. Over 30% of Americans aged 30-50 experience some form of degenerative disc condition in the lumbar spinal region. The Amia Chair allows you to mitigate the wear and tear that leads to such disease. Amia lumbar support flexes to your every movement, providing constant coverage and reducing the risk of degenerative back pain. Sciatica, a condition of the main spinal (sciatic) nerve is yet another risk of people who do not properly support their lumbar region. Here again, Amia comes to the rescue. Users will have the ability to adjust the LiveLumbar support to exactly where it is needed to offset any potentially painful nerve disorders.

the amia chair

For those who spend long hours in their office chair, the Amia’s LiveLumbar technology makes it a bargain. When you consider the heavy toll that lower back pain can take on even relatively young people, Steelcase’s Amia is a painless solution, a no-brainer. It is valuable as well to people who only spend around an hour a day in their chair. A responsive lower back support system such as Amia’s LiveLumbar may improve the posture and habits of those who use it. Better posture is crucial to the fight against lower back pain and disc conditions. Steelcase knew this when they designed the Amia. At a bargain price of $599 and guaranteed by warranty for 10 years, we know you can afford to buy the Amia Chair. The question is, can you afford not to?

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