the amia chair

Pros: A great office chair with an even better price. The Amia is a steal at only $600 dollars, half the cost of the Embody Chair, generally considered the gold standard.

Cons: The style of the chair has it’s detractors.

Overall rating: The Amia Chair is a modest creation possessed of exemplary style and utility. It’s head and shoulders above the average office chair, and firmly in the top tier when it comes to fine modern task chairs.

Product Review

The Amia Chair from Steelcase is a winning little task chair, doing the work of the big boys (Embody, Aeron) with little of the fanfare and coming in at a greatly reduced cost. The design of the Amia Chair is quite different from the design for the Mirra, but in terms of value, comfort and effectiveness, they’re very close. The Amia Chair comes with several ergonomic features and innovations. Included among them are highly adjustable sliding armrests that go up, down, right, left, side to side, and back and forth. Another feature is the Live Lumbar support in the back of the chair, a system that constantly adjusts itself to fit the comfort and support needs of your lower back. While using the chair, I could definitely feel the chair “working,” as I never felt back pain or stress. The only time I ever felt uncomfortable in the chair was when I slouched way down, my shoulder blades only a few inches above the armrests, and it would be an outstanding chair indeed that could withstand that kind of slouching and keep you totally comfortable for long periods of time. The look of the Amia Chair is very fresh, very simple; I thought that a good analogue was fruit. The colors are bright and sunny, and the slope of the chair attractive.

This is a high value chair, giving you all the comfort, support, and ergonomic attention you need, for half the price of other task chairs.

We highly recommend this office chair. Great style, great design, great price; that’s the Amia Chair by Steelcase.

The Amia Chair was very comfortable. The seat back reclined when leaned into, but could be adjusted not to recline too far; that’s a big feature that a lot of ergonomic task chairs ignore. The material of the chair was as comfortable as the seat and back; the back, including the Live Lumbar system, was supportive and keeps the user in the chair (rather than having to get up and down to stretch or relax). The armrests contributed to the comfort of the chair as well; highly adjustable, they made sitting in any position easy on the elbows and forearms. The armrests were constructed of a soft but firm rubber-foamy material that worked great. The seat wasn’t as ventilated as many other chairs, but it was more than just as comfortable. Above average in every way, the Amia scores high when it comes to comfort and ergonomics.

The Amia is a plain form with elegant stylization, and all the features of the design are hidden from immediate view. The Live Lumbar feature is invisible (but not intangible), the shifting armrests sit atop their mechanisms, hiding them from view, and the carefully designed seat, with adjustments for depth and height, is outwardly unassuming. All in all, the Amia Chair has a lot to offer in the way of design, but it’s not show-offy in any way. It’s an elegant, simple chair.

The Amia Chair has a very simple style, which has a somewhat polarizing effect on many viewers. Some don’t like the easy curve of the back, the straight, clean lines of most everything else on the chair. In the opinion of this reviewer, the style is excellent. Simplicity in the service of elegance, the lines of the chair work together, and the back-sloping arc of the chair’s backing is non-traditional in an attractive way, modern and fresh. The colors available for the chair can make it vibrant and bold, the perfect anecdote to the sometime tedium of the day to day working life.

Steelcase has earned a well-deserved reputation for high quality modern products, produced well and sustainably, for a discriminating client base. The furniture makers have been giants in their business for years and years, and their products speak for themselves as sturdy, efficient, good-looking furniture.

The Amia Chair is Gold certified when it comes to MBDC Cradle to Cradle certification, the highest rating achievable. It’s has SCS Indoor Air Quality certification, and is also GREENGUARD certified. Much of the chair is recyclable and built from recycled materials, and the impact on the environment is very very low. It can even contribute to LEED certification.

There are several high-performance ergonomic features on the Amia. Primary among them are the shifting armrests that make work in any position easy on the arms. The armrests adjust quickly and easily, saving time and effort. The chair itself is highly comfortable and supportive.

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