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Meet Wes. Wes knows more about office chairs than most people would ever want to learn about, but for those of us who work (or play) at a computer for most of the day, there’s not a more important piece of furniture in our lives, and reviews such as this one can help us choose what we’re going to sit in for hundreds or thousands of hours. In this—what we consider to be the definitive review of the Aeron Chair—Wes breaks down the pros and cons of Herman Miller’s classic based on a range of criteria, including design, comfort, style, craftsmanshopa, and environmental profile, and performance.


“Hi, and welcome to the video review of the Herman Mill Aeron Chair. I’m Wes from and this is an independent review commissioned by Smart Now, in this review, we are going to rate this chair in a bunch of different categories, including design, comfort, style, craftsmanship, environmental standards and performance. We hope you enjoy.

This part of the video review deals with design. This is an iconically-designed chair. It was made by Bill Stumpf. Stumpf is really the father of the ergonomic chair movement over the last 20 years and this chair is his first major contribution to that movement. Pretty much every chair that has been made in the last 20 years has taken something from the Aeron. One thing they have taken is that the Aeron doesn’t rely on material. There is no padding, no thick foam, or anything like that. It just has this very thin porous fabric that is stretched over the chair like a trampoline. That not only keeps you comfortable, it keeps you dry. Air passes through it that keeps you from sweating and keeps any heat from building up. This keeps you very comfortable during the day.

Another great thing about this chair is that there are so many adjustments. Back then, there weren’t that many, but the Aeron chair really broke the mold. The arms can go in and out, which was kind of unheard of. It can also go up and down using this adjustment. This is called Posture Fit and it sort of adjusts the lumbar support of the chair. It can go in and out, using this adjustment, and that supports your back, which is a really important region a lot of chairs overlook. You can also adjust the tension and the tilt of the chair and you can also literally tilt the chair using these right here. Overall, this is an iconic design, a really lasting design, and one of the most important chair designs there has ever been. So, of course, we have to give it a really great grade. We love the design of this chair.

This part of the video review deals with comfort. Now, the first thing I’ll talk about with this chair is the material that covers it. As you can see, it is a little porous and is stretched taut over open space. That gives you a sort of trampolining, very comfortable feel. It also allows air to pass through. This keeps you very dry. You are not going to sweat or get moist or warm while you are working, and that is very comfortable. The seat has that same effect, where air passes through and it has that taut tension. Here is the waterfall edge that drops off. That takes pressure off of your thighs, which is an affected area for a lot of people. It will keep your circulation flowing really well, which will give you better brain function. But, one thing that kind of messes with that are these hard edges. These hard edges can cut into your leg if you are sitting for a long time, or if you like a wide-legged sit. Another thing is that there is not a whole of head or neck support. It is kind of a short-backed chair. Personally, for me, it didn’t really matter that much, but for some people that is a big deal.

Another thing that makes this chair comfortable is the adjustments. You can adjust the arms to go in and out wherever you want. You can adjust the tilt. You can make it go up and down. You can adjust the Posture Fit, which is lumbar support, right here. You can see Posture Fit right here. And you can tilt. You can tilt it forward, and tilt it back. That kind of controls your recline function.

Overall, this chair gets very good ratings for comfort, but a little bit is taken off for that hard edge.

This part of the video review deals with style. Now, looking at this chair today, you might not think that it is really revolutionary. But, 20 years ago, when it came out, focus groups absolutely hated the style of the Embody (sic) chair because it was so different, so new. They even said it looked alien. Today, most office chairs are borrowing stylization from the Aeron chair. A lot of them look a little bit like this. Now it’s kind of a catch 22. On one hand, this is a great style. I mean, it’s a classic style. On the other hand, a lot of chairs have improved on it or copied it, so its value has been diluted just a little bit. Overall, we give it great marks for style. It still looks great after 20 years and it is a great buy.

This part of the video review deals with pedigree. This chair was designed by Bill Stumpf, who is probably THE ergonomic chair designer of the last two decades. The Aeron chair is what he made his name with. The Aeron chair was called the first “dot-com chair,” the first truly ergonomic chair. I mean the amount of praise that has been heaped on this chair—I mean, it has earned every bit of it, but it is really ridiculous. I mean, it is written about in thousands of articles and journals. It is one of the most popular chairs of all time.

It is made, of course, by Herman Miller. Herman Miller is one of the best, most conscientious manufacturing arms of American furniture. You know, their factories are great. They have low emissions and high environmental standards. Their craftsmanship is excellent and comes with a big-time warranty. I mean, as far as craftsmanship and warranty, you really can’t do any better. This part of the video review deals with the Aeron chair’s environmental standards, which are very high. They are so high, in fact, that using this chair can help you get LEED credits for your business. Another thing is that it is Green Guard Certified, which means it has been tested and is very safe for the air quality of your office, home office, whatever environment it is in. It is safe for air quality. The chair is made by Herman Miller. That means it is made in zero-emissions factories. It means it is shipped in reusable and recyclable shipping. And, at the end of this chair’s life, which could be a long time because it comes with a great warranty, it is recyclable. Now, the great warranty also enters into it. Because you are going to have it so long, you are not going to fill up a landfill with it, even if you don’t recycle it. Overall, this is a very good chair, when it comes to the environment.

This part of the video review deals with performance. How does this chair help you at work? Well, the Aeron chair doesn’t really have any specific features that are tailored to performance that are going to make you work a lot better. It is a very comfortable chair and very supportive chair and that alone sort of makes it a high performance chair. Now if you sit in this chair for a really long time, like we did when we were testing it, you are going to run up against these hard edges on the side of the chair and that can be uncomfortable and cut down on performance a bit, making you want to get up and stretch. It also doesn’t have very much head and neck support. Now, personally, that is not as big a deal to me, but for some people, you really need that head and neck support. Aeron doesn’t really offer that. Overall, though, this is a good performance chair.

We hope you enjoyed this video review by This product is available at Smart Furniture. If you have any questions, call 888-467-6278 or go online at Thanks for watching.”

We’d like to note that the product review was done on a Size B Aeron Chair. The reviewer would probably not have noticed the hard edges had he been testing a Size C Aeron, which would have been the correct size for him.

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