One of the most popular and fun internet memes is the top ten list. Unfortunately, oftentimes more practical products and concerns, like office chairs, are overlooked. Well, no longer; the Aeron Chair deserves its own top ten list of compelling reasons why it’s the best chair on the market, including comfort, support, warranty, durability, and environmental responsibility. There isn’t a better chair on the market, and a top ten list is just one of the many ways to spread the word about this iconic piece of design and ergonomic engineering and science.

When we decided to put together a top ten list of all the different reasons for our customers to buy an Aeron Chair, we spent a lot of time going over all of the chair’s attributes. What we found in the end somewhat surprised us (but shouldn’t have); we could have made a top twenty list! This is one of the most versatile, multi-faceted office chairs on the market, and this list of the top ten reasons to invest in an Aeron Chair is only the beginning of a very long list.

1. Comfort

The first thing everyone wants in an office chair is comfort. Of course they do; the modern work day often requires 6-10 hours of sitting in a chair and working on a computer. All that time spent sitting can do real damage to joints and muscles, slow circulation, and have a deleterious effect on your health. Modern workers face an increasing risk of back strain, health problems caused by sedentary workdays, and modern ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome. Comfort isn’t just an oasis from the long hours or a luxury. It’s a necessity when it comes to office furniture. Comfort also happens to be the first goal of ergonomic science, and the Aeron Chair is nothing if not the ultimate in ergonomics. The material used to construct the seat and back of the Aeron, a revolutionary meshed fiber called pellicle, provides exquisite comfort at the same time as it cradles and support the body. The material (and the engineering of the seat) also make it possible to distribute your weight in the most advantageous—that is to say, the most healthy and comfortable—way possible. You won’t find a chair on the market with the perfect combination of firmness and give boasted by the Aeron Chair, and you certainly won’t find one that’s guaranteed to keep you comfortable for 12 years, the length of the Aeron warranty. Whether you’re beginning a long day in your chair or coming home to do some work in your home office, the Aeron Chair provides you with a welcoming, comfortable place to sit. The first chair in ergonomics and modern office design is, not by coincidence, the first chair when it comes to comfort.

2. Support

Back support, including lumbar support and shoulder support, is one of the most important aspects of an office chair and another issue on the front lines of ergonomic research and design. There are few problems with office chairs that can so seriously affect your health and your lifestyle as can improper back support. The designers, artists, engineers and executives responsible for the Aeron Chair worked to make sure this was a chair to which you could entrust your back. This is one of the most supportive chairs on the market. Much of the engineering and many of the features attached to the chair were built just to keep you supported while seated. An aching back is often seen as a side-effect of long periods of sitting at work, and with the Aeron Chair that should become a thing of the past. Pellicle, the material used to construct the back and seat, contributes to support with the right combination of firmness and give, distributing your weight and taking undue strain off your spine and back muscles. In addition, the PostureFit application on the chair makes sure that no matter what posture you adopt while sitting in the Aeron Chair, you’ll be fully supported and comfortable. Say goodbye to back pain, back strain, and muscle soreness in your lower back and shoulders, because the Aeron Chair is working overtime to save your back from the worst punishments the modern workday can dole out. Using cutting edge engineering, common sense, and a few revolutionary materials and features, this is a chair that really has your back … supported.

3. The Look

One of the most distinctive chairs ever to be introduced to the public, the Aeron caused an aesthetic sensation upon its release. Different from every other office chair, looking totally new and sleek, with an aesthetic untraceable in the annals of recent design, it was and is one of a kind. With a permanent berth at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the unstinting devotion of the critical community, the look of the chair has now passed from shocking to classic; from ground-breaking to iconic. The curves of the chair have been copied endlessly in the last few generations of chairs looking to cash in on its distinctive look and feel, but never have they been equaled or bested in terms of proportion, beauty, and elegance. The chair was described in some early test groups as looking “alien,” which is a great indicator of just how out-of-left-field it was at the time. The product of a studiously open-minded design team and an unfettered sense of possibility and new technology, the look was allowed to develop in the right direction, rather than the common or accepted direction. The slopes of the chair and the elegance of its lines are unimpeachable and have stood the test of time. The look of the chair is unmistakably a very large part of why it has been called the ultimate office chair of the 20th century.

4. Environmental Sustainability

Aeron Chair is built by Herman Miller, one the finest purveyors of fine furniture in America, if not the finest. But Herman Miller is also justly famous for something else: their sterling environmental record of achievement and innovation. It was Herman Miller that came out with the Design for the Environment protocol, establishing company-wide goals like one hundred percent sustainability by 2020, the elimination of air and water pollution, and the vigorous creation of environmental solutions for all of their products, including Aeron. Two thirds of the materials used in the construction of this chair are recycled content, and 94 percent of the chair itself is recyclable. The number of office chairs in the world that can boast that kind of commitment to sustainable recycling practices is vanishingly small. Additionally, this chair is sent to you in re-usable and recyclable packaging, making sure that nothing from your purchase ends up in a landfill or as an environmental burden. The factory used to build the Aeron Chair is extremely safe for the environment and produces little to no waste and pollution. The Aeron Chair itself has been MBDC certified Cradle to Cradle Silver, the very first office chair to receive that designation. MBDC analyzes each product they test at the chemical level, making absolute sure—so that there can be no doubt—that it’s absolutely safe for the environment. Additionally, this chair has been GREENGUARD certified and passes the tests of indoor air quality. There isn’t a safer, more recyclable, more responsible office chair on the market than the Aeron Chair. It’s an ironclad example of green design, made by a green company, and sold by a green vendor in Smart Furniture. You can feel good about buying an Aeron Chair from Smart Furniture and Herman Miller, knowing the earth will be a little cleaner and that you’ve contributed your vote in favor of responsibility and sustainability from major American companies.

5. Durability

Durability has become an essential question when it comes to office chairs and office equipment in general. As the price of business continues to go up, so too does the cost of a decent office chair for workers and folks in home offices. Durability and guarantees of long term stability are therefore extremely welcome, and take a ton of pressure off the finances of any place of business. Many office chairs are made flimsily or haphazardly and they don’t come with strong or significantly long term warranties. But the Aeron Chair, in this arena as in so many others, is a cut above the competition. The Aeron Chair was built to last. Designed by greats like Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, constructed of space-age materials like pellicle that boast not only incredible flexibility and strength but also long-lasting durability, and put together expertly by the workers at Herman Miller, this is a chair that’s going to last you a very long time. And that’s not just speculation; the company is so sure of the chair’s longevity that they’ve given it an unheard-of 12 year warranty, making the value of the chair sky high. For a furniture giant like Herman Miller to stand behind their product with that kind of vote of confidence is truly inspiring, and you can be sure—or at least guaranteed—that your Aeron Chair will serve its purpose over the duration of that 12 year warranty. Don’t waste your time with chairs that will break, get old and brittle, or become decrepit over time; invest in the 12 year warranty of the Aeron Chair.

6. The Warranty

Contributing in equal measure to the very high ratings the Aeron gets for durability, value, and support, the incredible warranty that Herman Miller offers on the chair is one of its most attractive and distinctive features. You’ll have to search far and wide throughout the furniture industry, indeed throughout almost any industry, to find a warranty this good and this long-lasting. If you bought an Aeron Chair on January 1st, 2013, it’s guaranteed all the way to 2025. By that time almost everything else in your life will be different; your living situation, possibly your job, your relationships with family, friends, and spouses. But the Aeron Chair will still be there, still keeping you comfortable and supported at work or in your home office, and taking all the punishment and abuse 12 years of use can dish out. This is an extremely durable chair, but the guarantee of its long-term warranty is just another thing that makes it special. Over the lifetime of this warranty, you will have paid just pennies a day to own this chair—a chair that’s going to make you comfortable, keep you supported, last a long time, make little to no impact on the environment, and measurably improve your health and productivity at work or in the home office. All of the many attributes that the Aeron Chair has are made even more attractive by this stunning warranty, which is a guarantee of productivity, health, peace of mind, comfort, and support for more than a decade to come. Herman Miller and Smart Furniture stand by their products, and this warranty is the proof in the pudding—an example of a company truly putting their money where their mouth is.

7. The Value

The Aeron Chair is, and has been ever since it was first introduced to the world, in the vanguard of office chair design, ergonomics, and aesthetic quality. It has been celebrated the world over by users, critics, and designers of every stripe. It is housed not only in the bullpens of major companies and local offices but also in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It is the office chair of the century, the most original mass-produced office chair in memory, and a fixture of modern architecture and design—and it can be yours for only $629. When was the last time anyone had the opportunity to own a museum-quality, decade-defining, piece of modern art for only $629? Not only is that an amazing value but, when spread over the length of the equally impressive warranty, the value comes closer to jaw-dropping. For only a small percentage of a dollar a day, you can buy yourself comfort at work and support for your back, shoulders, and buttocks. It’s a device that improves your circulation, your health, and your productivity at work, and an iconic piece of design—both in terms of engineering and aesthetic value. That’s a bargain at any price, but for only $629, it’s stunning. But let’s be specific about the real value of the chair. If you own this chair for five years your purchase of the chair will have averaged out to only 34 cents a day. If you own for 10 years, that goes down to 17 cents a day. Over the lifetime of the warranty, 12 years, you will only have paid 14 cents a day for the most exquisite comfort, support, and design the industry has to offer. You’ll have bought a sustainable, responsible chair that will increase your health and productivity at work, and paid for it less than the cost of a small pack of gum per day. This is the best value in the industry, with no real challengers at all. Own a piece of design history—and a museum quality piece of art—for only pennies a day.

8. The PostureFit Feature

The PostureFit feature on the Aeron Chair is one of the most ahead-of-its-time innovations in recent chair technology. Of course it’s on the Aeron; there isn’t a more ergonomically advanced and scientifically driven chair on the market. PostureFit is just one of the long list of innovations and technological improvements the Aeron Chair can boast. But it’s one of the most important, as it does so many things and serves such a unique and groundbreaking purpose. Research has long shown that office workers don’t have perfect posture. This is an obvious point, because few people do, but it has been criminally overlooked in most office chair designs. The mere fact that people don’t always have perfect posture never stopped other furniture makers from continuing to churn out rigid, bad-posture inducing chairs year after year. Until Aeron, no ever thought about adapting the product to the market, rather than the other way around. The Aeron is different from all those rigid office chairs because it has, with the PostureFit, introduced choice and comfort back into the world of office chairs. In the Aeron, you can sit any way you want to, including in bad or slouchy posture, and you’ll still be comfortable, supported, and in good ergonomic standing. The designers and engineers responsible for the Aeron Chair made it possible to completely remove rigid, perfect posture from the comfort and support equation common to most other office chairs. You can slouch, lean and recline however you want; the PostureFit feature and the revolutionary materials used in the chair are going to keep your back and shoulders healthy, supported, and strain free. PostureFit wasn’t available on the very first Aeron Chairs produced, but in keeping with the spirit of intellectual curiosity and “living” design common to Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, the chair has now been improved to include this innovative and truly revolutionary device. Just one more way the Aeron Chair is way ahead of the curve.

9. Cultural Significance

The Aeron Chair has been the go-to office chair for hollywood films and television series since its inception. Owing to its instantly recognizable structure and distinctive design, the chair has become a favorite of the network and cable design set. The chair appears in Liz Lemon’s office in the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. Dr. House uses an Aeron Chair in his office on Fox’s House. On The Simpsons, the chair has been sat in by none other than God himself, in the episode “Thank God It’s Doomsday.” Claudia Cregg sat in the chair on The West Wing. It has appeared in Will & Grace, on the set for the New York office of Dunder Mifflin in NBC’s The Office, and even at the desk of the head of British Intelligence; that’s right, Judi Dench, as M, sits in an Aeron Chair for the James Bond Film Casino Royale. Clearly, this is an office chair that has caught the attention of the designers and set dressers working in New York and Hollywood. The influence the chair has had, as well as its great fame and iconic look, have all contributed to it taking a real role in the lives of our pop-culture heroes and heroines. Own the chair for yourself, and become part of the cultural movement that’s placed the Aeron at the top of the heap when it comes to excellent office chairs.

10. Smart Furniture and Herman Miller

Herman Miller is one of the greatest American furniture companies. They have a long and distinguished track record, including the production of the Aeron Chair, the catalogue of Charles and Ray Eames, the Mirra Chair, and many others. There is no furniture company in the world that can claim a better environmental record, nor a more impressive collection of designers, artists, engineers, and designers. Herman Miller is unsurpassed in the furniture industry, and their products and business practices are the envy of their peers. The Aeron Chair is just one more sterling example of their craftsmanship and quality. Smart Furniture doesn’t have the longevity of Herman Miller quite yet but, for many reasons, the two are excellent business partners. Both believe in sustainable environmental practices. Both believe in the highest quality merchandise and no excuses. And both believe that the customer is king. At Smart Furniture, not only can you buy the finest furniture the world has to offer, you can help finish the design. With the wide range of simple and easy customization options, customers at Smart Furniture can choose colors, finishes, materials, and accessories for their purchases online. At Smart Furniture, you don’t just buy a piece of furniture; you help create that piece of furniture.

The Aeron Chair is no exception; it can be fully customized. Do you want an armless chair? Fixed arms? Fully-adjustable arms? All these options are available. Do you want the PostureFit lumbar support discussed earlier? You choose the sort of base you want (one option is polished aluminum) and, of course, upholstery options. Do you want tuxedo blue? Carbon? The choice is yours. You even get to decide the sort of casters you want! As you can see, buying from Smart Furniture means you get all the options, and unprecedented ease when carrying out your choices online.

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