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The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller, designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, has lived an extremely full life. There is the overall life of the Aeron Chair – the one lived in the public sphere, discussed in design circles, written about in magazines and newspapers, and displayed in museums. There is the list of improvements, adjustments, and new features that have been steadily upgraded and added to the chair since it first came out, including the stunning PostureFit lumbar support feature. There is the legion of awards and commendations, citations and certifications, all of which point to a long and sterling record of success, innovation, and respect among peer designers and institutions.

Guaranteed Life

There is all of that, and what an involved and ever-evolving history it is – filled with fresh ideas, plot twists, and and the feel-good conclusion of massive public and critical adoption. But there is also the life the Aeron Chair lives in private, within the walls of your office or home. The life lived in hours worked, projects begun and ended, years passed and promotions earned, situations changed, homes and families grown up around it.

The Aeron Chair that you take home brings with it an unimpeachable legacy of achievement and acclaim, as well as a reputation for longevity, comfort, and environmental sustainability. The best-designed office chair in the business is also the best insured, offering a 12 year warranty to all owners; buying an Aeron Chair is buying 12 years of secure seating arrangements at the very least. In all likelihood this won’t be the end of the line for your chair, as Aeron is so well built and so well maintained by Herman Miller’s warranty agreements that it can last, essentially, as long as you want. Both of these lives are equally important to the legacy of the chair, and both are planned for, expected, and maintained by the top flight collection of designers, artists, and engineers at Herman Miller that work every day to keep the best office chair on the market.

Environmental Life

The Aeron Chair is born at the Herman Miller headquarters in Zeeland, Michigan. It’s put together in the factories and drawing rooms of the Herman Miller complex, which is itself a haven for great and sustainable business. Subject to the protocols laid forth in the company-wide directive, “Design for the Environment,” the cradle from which the Aeron Chair emerges is as green, responsible, and fine as the chair itself. So from birth the Aeron Chair is shaped to be a great boon, not only to the furniture industry and the customers that drive it, but to the earth and those who depend on it to live (that is, everyone!). Herman Miller uses recycled materials like aluminum, steel, plastic and foam.

Many office chairs make little effort to monitor the materials they use, and even less to make them easily recyclable (as opposed to easily disposable). With the inclusion of recycled materials and the careful, economical construction of the chair itself, Aeron is 94 percent recyclable. Herman Miller is committed to this kind of green responsibility, and there’s no better form to etch your principles upon than your flagship product. Of course, as their record would lead you to believe, Herman Miller goes a step further. The materials used in the Herman Miller Aeron Chair are rigorously tested by MBDC (a leading environmental watchdog) for any elements that might be harmful to the environment at a chemical level.

Every chair that comes off the assembly line at Herman Miller has been combed over with the chemical equivalent of a microscope, certified as completely safe and sustainable by one of the most respected firms in the environmental/industrial complex. Aeron is MBDC certified silver, the second-highest rating possible (and was in fact the first office chair to receive this distinction). Aeron is also GREENGUARD certified, and owning it can help businesses get LEED certification. LEED certification is a much-desired designation for a business looking to decrease their environmental footprint, and the Aeron can be instrumental in helping your business secure that highly coveted achievement.

Beautiful Life

The Aeron isn’t only given a head start by its environmentally-minded company, it’s also given an impressive pedigree by its designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick. Stumpf and Chadwick collaborated to produce one of the finest and most recognizable office chairs in the world. They made it smart, beautiful, and comfortable, then sent it out into the workplaces and home offices of America. The Aeron Chair was prepared: it was the product of years of research into ergonomics, weight-distribution technology, environmentalism, and pure design. That’s why it’s one of the most popular office chairs of all time, and that’s why it’s in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The pedigree of the Aeron Chair is beyond reproach and the massive public adoption of the chair goes even further in showing its extremely high value, both aesthetically and functionally. Stumpf and Chadwick made the most beautiful, comfortable, ergonomic, adjustable, adaptable, sustainable office chair that had ever been made when they came out with the Aeron Chair, and the subsequent praise has been richly deserved and hard-earned. The reputation of the Aeron Chair as the premier office chair of the 20th century is secure both in public memory and critical documentation. Owning the Aeron for yourself is like owning a piece of history.

Healthful Life

In the home or the office – wherever it goes – the Herman Miller Aeron Chair does its pedigree proud. The revolutionary pellicle material that stretches over the chair provides unrivaled support as well as unrivaled comfort, a winning and unique combination to be found in a single material. The Aeron Chair is defined by its comfort, look, and groundbreaking ergonomic concepts, and this material fits neatly into all of those categories. Beyond the mere material, however, lies the equally impressive construction which, when included with the PostureFit feature, allows users to sit in a supported position. Back health’s importance cannot be stressed enough, and with PostureFit the task of sitting correctly is easy.

Aeron eases stress on joints and muscles that builds up over a long day of sitting and/or working. It provides generous and healthy support for the back through its pioneering PostureFit technology. It improves every room and cubicle it occupies by beautifying the premises and introducing brilliant and lovely design to any area. There is no item in your office more important than your office chair, as it is responsible for your continued health and comfort though the long hours of computer or desk work that modern workers are increasingly required to perform.

Sedentary lifestyles – modern working lifestyles – can be incredibly hard on the back and shoulders, and can really do damage to your circulation. With the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller, you won’t have to worry about those things. This is a chair that keeps you comfortable, healthy, productive, and in the best ergonomic situation possible.

Worthwhile Life

The life cycle of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is guaranteed with a 12 year warranty. The odds are that after that time you’ll want to save the Aeron for yourself or posterity, but if you feel the chair has outlived its usefulness it can be safely and responsibly retired. Built to disassemble quickly and easily – and made to be recyclable – the Aeron Chair makes a positive impact on the environment. From assembly to disassembly, the Aeron Chair has proven its worth in the various arenas of American industry; at work, at home, in the museums and histories of 20th century furniture.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is a benefit to any worker, at home or in an office, and a boon to the environment. Get your Aeron Chair today.

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