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Sitting in an Aeron Chair will not make you any smarter than you are, but it might make you feel like it. This chair looks modern, fresh, and – most of all – just plain smart. At first glance, it makes you think about how it was made and the work that went into it. The design of the chair interacts beautifully with its function and durability. This chair adapts effortlessly to countless body types and is ninety-four percent recyclable. And, like I said before, it’s just cool.

Ergonomic Design

The Aeron chair from Herman Miller was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick. These two revolutionary designers were trying to think of a chair that would bring something totally new and different to the table. There was no need to be tied down by the idea of what a chair was supposed to look or feel like. At the root of this chair is the idea that it should do more than just support your weight in a comfortable or uncomfortable way. Stumpf and Chadwick thought chairs should be more than stationary places to sit for more than half of your day. While actively boosting your health, the chair should also naturally and easily flow with the organic movements of your specific body. So, these two designers sought to create a chair with not only one focus, but four: ergonomics, function, anthropometrics, and the environment.

Top-Notch Breathability

Herman Miller’s designers had realized that all ergonomic chairs had begun to look like copy cats. Office chairs had lost their sense of identity and originality. This had to be changed. The Aeron chair looks nothing like what you would expect of an office chair. There is no padding, upholstery, or straight backing. This chair is curved and tactile and serves as a metaphor for the human body bath tangibly and visually. Search all day and you will not find one single straight line on this chair. It is meant to be durable, while giving to the flow and needs of its user. Many people may be put off by the absence of cushions, thinking that this means a less comfortable chair. The opposite is true. The Aeron chair is exceedingly more comfortable than a cushioned one because it allows air to flow freely through the chair to the user’s skin much like a screened in porch. The absence of cushions makes the chair less stuffy and better for long periods of sitting and working.

Sized for Everyone

This chair will fit quite literally everyone. This chair was designed to not only fit all body types and sizes, but to accommodate them. The designers spent a good amount of time conducting studies across the world on variations of size in people so that the chair would really be a good fit for everyone. They did not skip any details, even calculating the adjustments needed for different lengths in the backs of knees. They also spent time researching heat distribution as well as moisture distribution to ensure that the Aeron chair would be comfortable for everyone no matter what size. They came up with three chair sizes, each with enough wiggle room to fit any body.

Unmistakable Look

The Aeron Chair is such an original, such an immediately iconic piece of work, that it has become possibly the only common office chair that can be identified by name. The Aeron Chair comes in three different models. Herman Miller offers the work chair, stool, and office chair. The office chair is similar to other conference chairs. It features arm rests and a sleek simple design. The stool is a variation of the work chair, with higher seating and a foot rest. The work chair is to be used when working at a desk or computer for long periods of time. It is the mascot of the line, and is so unique you must see it to believe it.

Comfort Factor

The Aeron chair features posture fit seating, making it so comfortable you may want to sleep in it at night. This seating supports the way our pelvis tilts forward when we are in a sitting position. This ensures a straight and aligned spine, and no back pain. The high and unusually wide back of the chair takes any unwanted pressure off of your lower back, where people experience most back pain. The unique design of the edging on the seat also takes pressure off the backs of your legs and thighs. This helps you stay comfortable for long periods of time as well as increases blood flow through your body and decreases the chance of your feet and legs falling asleep.

Environmentally Conscious

This beautiful chair is green from the inside out. A key component to the design of the Aeron chair was to keep it green at all costs, and the design team was a success. The chair is ninety-four percent recyclable, so even when you move on to a new chair you can still give back to your environment. This chair is certified by many notable environmental companies and is manufactured by one of the most environmentally conscious companies in the world, Herman Miller.

Overall Value

The Aeron chair would be beautiful in any office or home work environment. It is truly unique and looks unlike any other chair before it. The chair is definitely a conversation starter and will never disappoint you no matter how many years of neglect you put it through. Effortless and classic, this chair is the perfect accent to your office as well as your health. Not only does is it look great, but it sends you home feeling great and refreshed after a long day of sitting, typing, staring, or talking. Herman Miller has manufactured the most innovative and ground breaking furniture pieces for decades, but they have redefined the concept of the office chair with the Aeron.

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