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Can I customize the Aeron Chair?

Yes, customization is one of the hallmarks of Smart Furniture’s design ethos. While the Aeron Chair was engineered and designed by some of the furniture industry’s most advanced artistic and scientific minds, the chair was left partially unfinished, waiting for a final designer. That designer is the customer. The Aeron comes in several different sizes depending on the needs of the user, separated into sizes A, B and C, with A being the smallest and C the largest. Size isn’t the only thing the user can control. With Smart Furniture’s online customization functionality our customers can experiment with the Aeron Chair in a virtual testing studio.

If you’d like to see what the Aeron looks like with and without armrests, you can. On the Aeron product page you can see if the chair looks better (or works better) with fixed arms, height-adjustable arms, or no arms at all. You can play around with the armrest pads and choose leather-upholstered or standard non-upholstered, depending on your needs or the needs of your workers and/or office. The base of the chair comes in many different colors, including graphite, aluminum, and titanium. Customers can take a look at the different colors of these bases with the click of a button in the convenience of their own homes or offices. There are also choices related to the base that apply to flooring; you can get casters that work for carpet or casters that were designed to be used on hardwood surfaces — or both. There are many additional features with which Aeron may be equipped, like extra lumbar support and a tilt mechanism that improves your recline experience and capability. There are dozens of technical and functional choices the buyer can make when purchasing his or her Aeron Chair.

Of course, one of the main choices consumers want to make on their own when they’re customizing their chairs is color and upholstery. The Aeron Chair has several choices when it comes to color, including Waves Zinc, Waves Quartz, Tuxedo White Gold, Classic Zinc and Classic Quartz. The options for customization on the Aeron Chair are multiple, helpful, and meaningful. The chair you buy will be a completely unique chair — built just for you — when you order from Smart Furniture.

How do I adjust the chair?

The Aeron Chair is adjusted in a number of ways. First of all, when you purchase the chair you can choose a lot of the features that make the chair so highly adjustable. For instance, you can pick between casters that work better on a wood floor and casters that work better on a carpeted floor. You can choose whether or not to include the Tilt Limiter feature on your Aeron, which — true to its name — applies a firmer tilt ratio for folks who don’t like to recline too far. You can choose between several different seat/back sizes as well, from A (smallest) to C (largest). In addition, the armrests can be adjusted when you buy; indeed, they can be adjusted into non-existence!

But when you already have your Aeron Chair, built to your specifications, there are of course still adjustments you can make that may not seem obvious just by looking at the chair. One common adjustment is height. The height adjustment is located just under the seat. It’s a lever which, when pulled up or depressed, allows the user to adjust the height of the chair — either by applying pressure (so it goes down) or lifting pressure (so it rises). Another adjustment to be made is armrest height and angle. By depressing a button on the armrests, you can move them up and down as well as right-to-left. There are small tabs on the sides of the chair that control tilt (angle, depth, etc.) adjustments. There is also a knob extending from the base of the chair which adjusts the chair’s firmness in the back. This is adjusted by twisting the knob forwards or backwards.

Many of the adjustments a user would need to make in a regular office chair aren’t a problem with the Aeron, because of its ergonomic and intuitive design. The waterfall edge of the seat, for instance — which allows your legs to circulate and be comfortable to a much greater extent than a regular office chair — removes any need for adjusting the position of your body, legs, or back relative to the edge of the seat. The Aeron makes everything simple, and keeps the technical adjustments easy to see, easy to use, and easy to understand. This is a see-through chair, and all of the adjustments can be seen and used without disturbing the beauty of the design or the gracefulness of the chair’s form.

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Do I need to clean it? How?

Your Herman Miller Aeron Chair will serve you long and well if you keep it clean and ordered. The warranty placed on the chair by Herman Miller doesn’t depend on you to keep the chair in absolute top shape, but regular cleaning and maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your chair as functional, attractive, and easy to use as possible. The following guidelines are taken from Herman Miller’s cleaning guidelines, to assure Smart Furniture customers that they’re doing the right thing by taking care of their chairs. As outlined below, there are a few different techniques and categories when it comes to cleaning the chair.

Let’s separate cleaning into two distinct areas of concern; structure and material. “Structural” refers to joints, features, metal, support structure, etc. Material refers to the pellicle used on the chair as seat upholstery, and any surface that may need to be cleaned because of spills, damage, etc. First we’ll deal with structural stuff. The Aeron Chair shouldn’t need much help in this department. The main areas of the chair in which dust or detritus can cause problems are the swivel (dust and detritus can cause it to slow or squeak) and joints. To clean these, just keep a dry cloth and a can of lubricating spray. Those should clear up any problems with recalcitrant swiveling and moving parts (unless of course there is a mechanical cause).

Now, for the serious cleaning advice: material cleaning. The revolutionary material used in making the Aeron Chair is called “pellicle,” and it’s different from traditional fabrics or meshes. That means that while most regular cleaning methods apply to the Aeron, there are certain small exceptions and changes that can be very important. For normal cleaning — just day to day maintenance — vacuuming the fabric well work well. Vacuuming will remove dust, hair, etc., and it eliminates the need for professional cleaning if it’s done regularly and thoroughly. However, there are rules for vacuuming pellicle fabric. For one, never brush the fabric. Brushing it to remove dust and detritus can alter the grain of the fabric. That, in turn, can really hamper your enjoyment of the chair. When vacuuming, be careful never to use a brush appliance on the end of the vacuum, as it will have the same detrimental effect. Herman Miller warns that using the brush on your vacuum can permanently alter the character of the fabric, which in turn could permanently alter the character of your Aeron Chair. So be sure to stay away from heavy brushing when doing your regular cleaning and maintenance.

We’ve all had little accidents with food, drink, ink, or what have you when it comes to spilling on our chairs. That’s why Herman Miller has provided useful and detailed information on how to properly and effectively spot clean your Aeron Chair. There are two types of cleaning that you will have to do, and they correspond to two types of spot-damage stains. These are oil-based stains and water-based stains, each of which offer their own particular obstacles and weaknesses, and both of which can be effectively addressed. A few examples to help you differentiate between the two kinds of stains: Water-based stains include non-greasy soil or stains like coffee, fruit juice, soft drinks, and milk. Oil-based stains come from oily soil or stain like lipstick, makeup, grease, and salad dressing.

For water-based stains, you should always use a water-based fabric cleaner. If you don’t have one, mix a solution of mild warm soapy water (but not too soapy, and be sure the water is alkaline) and work it into a lather or foam. The instrument used here is a clean, soft cloth or sponge, which should be damp. The water should be warm/mild, but NEVER HOT. Hot water will only set the stain and make it nigh unto impossible to remove it. When cleaning water-based stains with water-based solutions, remember to always avoid hot water, as it could do permanent damage to your Aeron Chair.

For oil-based stains, you should use a dry cleaning solution and apply it with a damp cloth or sponge. A water-based cleaning solution, like the solution you should use for water-based stains, won’t affect oil based stains much at all, so avoid it.

The process for actually spot cleaning either oil-based or water-based stains is the same, and here it is:

First, test your cleaning solution to make sure it’s not going to badly affect the chair, the fabric, or the stain. Do this by testing it on an unseen part of the chair, like underneath the seat. Make small circles with the cleaning solution, as if you were cleaning a stain, and see if it does any damage or leaves any mark on the fabric of the chair. If it doesn’t you’re good to go, and you can move to the actual stain. With the actual stain, you should use your sponge or cloth, with the cleaning solution, and make light strokes on top of the stain. make circular strokes, and move from the outside of the stain to the inside, leaving all areas of the stain thoroughly gone over and covered with the cleaning solution. However, you must be careful not to use too much solution or rub too heavily; keep a light touch when doing this cleaning, as too much solution or moisture could damage the material of the chair or set back your progress on removing that stain. Another problem too heavy a touch can create is breakage and damage to the fibers themselves; if you aren’t careful you can break the fibers and truly damage your chair by pressing too hard (although, it should be said, you would have to press extremely hard for this to happen; the Aeron is an extremely durable and long lasting chair).

After you’ve daubed the surface of the stain sufficiently with your cloth, use a dry cloth to soak up all the remaining moisture from the stain and from the solution you used on the stain. Use a dry cloth to then sweep away all remaining residue. If your stain was a water based stain, use a cloth soaked in cold water to do this. After the stain has been cleaned, soaked, and removed, vacuum thoroughly before using your chair again. And, remember, don’t use a brush or a brush appliance on your vacuum cleaner, as that could damage the nap and/or character of the pellicle fiber which forms the seat of the Aeron Chair.

If you use this thorough and well-researched system to clean and take care of your Aeron, your problems with cleaning should be very few and far between, if not non-existent. However, if you run up against a situation in which the stain refuses to be removed or the chair is irreparably damaged in some way that relates to cleaning, Herman Miller advises that clients call a professional cleaner to do the job.

Enjoy your Aeron, and clean it regularly and well to maintain its aesthetic excellence throughout the term of your warranty and beyond. With these instructions and procedures, you shouldn’t have any trouble fighting even the toughest and most persistent stains. Just remember: is the stain water-based, or oil-based?

Does the Aeron Chair come in different versions?

The Aeron Chair comes in several different versions. While the chair itself is very distinct and original, the Aeron is customizable enough to allow you to make several choices about how it’s made and how it looks when it gets shipped to your door. Firstly, Aerons are grouped by size and features. There are three sizes when it comes to Aeron Chairs; A (smallest), B, and C (largest). These correspond to the size of the seat and back, and make the chair available to people of all shapes and sizes. But beyond mere size, there are several features on the chair that can be mixed and matched to serve different purposes. For instance, you can get an Aeron with no arms, or an Aeron with the Tilt Limiter feature. The only thing about the Aeron that doesn’t change is the masterful physical design — the curved surfaces, the mesh material, the see-through aesthetic. But within that framework there are certainly many different “versions” of the chair that can be produced.

Is the Aeron a sustainable chair?

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Yes, absolutely. The Aeron Chair is one of the most sustainable chairs on the market, and it comes from one of the most responsible companies in furniture, Herman Miller. Herman Miller has a made a concerted effort to be one of — if not the — premier environmental design outfits in the world, and the production of the Aeron Chair is just one way they show their commitment. Their manufacturing techniques are unmatched in terms of zero-effect production, re-usable and sustainable energy consumption, recycling, and innovative manufacturing practices that cut down on pollution and waste while promoting healthy environments, products, and practices. The factories around the world employed by Herman Miller to make the Aeron Chair and other HM products are working towards zero-emission capability (and have nearly or totally achieved it in many cases), as well as total energy independence. Those are incredibly lofty goals, and totally without precedent in the world of major furniture design and production; there are no government agencies or lobbying groups pressuring Herman Miller towards responsibility and stewardship. The Aeron Chair is built in painstakingly sustainable facilities using the most up-to-date and forward-thinking practices and procedures, and it is shipped in recyclable, re-usable, and environmentally safe packaging.

If there’s any company you can trust to keep the environment at the forefront of its production concerns, it’s Herman Miller. The Design for the Environment protocol, independently created by Herman Miller, mandates several ambitious environmental guidelines for the company, including 100 percent energy independence and 100 percent clean manufacturing and shipping. The deadline for the total implementation of the DfE plan is 2020, and in 2010, they celebrated reaching their goal of 50 percent compliance. They lead by example, as does Smart Furniture. In fact, one of the tenets of the Herman Miller Design for the Environment initiative is that they actively seek out environmentally responsible companies to work with as vendors; Smart Furniture more than fills that bill.

As for the Aeron Chair itself, there are several parts of the chair that demand the attention of the environmentally conscientious. Two-thirds of the material used to build the Aeron Chair is recycled content, and 94 percent of the finished product is recyclable. That’s a ratio you won’t find very often. Beyond the uber-sustainable business practices that led to an office chair produced from recycled material (itself recyclable at the end of its life), there is the long-lasting warranty that Herman Miller provides. One solution to the growing problem of waste and pollution is ceasing from the production of products that aren’t meant to last — think water bottles, paper plates, card tables — and that end up filling landfills and dumps in growing numbers. Durable, re-usable, and long-lasting furniture is one solution to that problem, and the Aeron Chair comes with a 12-year warranty. That’s right, this is a chair that’s guaranteed to last more than a decade (and of course has the quality to last much longer than that) making it one of the most durable and long-lasting chairs on the office furniture market. And that’s a great boon to sustainable furniture.

The Aeron Chair holds multiple awards and classifications that identify it as a green chair, including GREENGUARD and MBDC Cradle to Cradle Silver certification. It’s even eligible to get LEED credits for your business, and will make your workplace or home office a more sustainable, greener, healthier space. If you’re looking for a smart, sustainable, environmentally aware product, you can’t go wrong with Herman Miller, Smart Furniture, and the Aeron Chair.

How does the Aeron get shipped to me? Is there a lot of hassle?

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If you decide that Aeron is right for you, you can use Smart Furniture’s Aeron page to customize and choose the right one for you. From there, it’s just a few easy clicks to tell us where you’d like it shipped. Shipping with Smart Furniture is easy and hassle-free, and delivery usually takes no more than one week if the chair is in stock. Either way, you’ll be kept informed at every step of the process.

As soon as your Aeron is shipped, it will generally take about 2-4 business days to get to your home or office, excepting locations outside the contiguous United States. At Smart Furniture we believe in getting your purchase to you as quickly as possible, and options for one-day and two-day delivery are available when you buy the Aeron Chair. Your Aeron Chair will be shipped by truck and arrive with clear assembly (if you’ve chosen the ready-to-assemble version) and handling instructions for your ease of use.

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