Is it time to start thinking about a new sofa? If you just answered yes to this question, you are not alone! Over the past few months, sofas, sleeper sofas, and sectionals have been flying our of our warehouse. Could it be that spending so much time at home has made us realize that we are in serious need of a sofa upgrade? Or perhaps, families are planning on gathering around the TV for football games and the MLB playoffs? However, things have changed since you could go to the local furniture store and bring home the sofa of your choice. We are all learning that there is a thing called a supply chain. When it’s not functioning correctly, we have to wait for our sofas. Many of us have also learned that it’s not just sofas we have to wait for, it’s practically everything! Fear not, for we want to see your family on a new sofa this fall!

Below you will find a hand picked group of our favorite sofas that are still shipping daily. So, go ahead and pull the trigger on your new sofa because they are moving fast. It may just be another long winter.

Puff Puff Sofa by Blu Dot

The Puff Puff Sofa

The Puff Puff Sofa is an absolute classic and so very inviting. The bold curves and the ample cushion of the Puff Puff draw the attention without being showy. The Puff Puff is sold in two widths, 67 and 87 inches. The seat depth is a comfortable 35 inches. The Puff Puff is a great value starting at $1,499. If you are feeling saucy, you might want to order the tomato velvet upholstery, a best-seller. Beyond the great name, iconic design, luxurious comfort, and the fantastic colors, this sofa ships in less that a week! We definitely give the Puff Puff two thumbs up.

Larkin Leather Sofa by Four Hands

Larkin Leather Sofa

For many, there is nothing better than a classically soft, broken in leather couch. Especially one you can stretch out on. The Larkin Leather Sofa in the quintessential leather sofa. The distressed leather is so inviting. The antique brass nailhead detailing will make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. The vintage cigar leather hints of aristocracy from another age. The quality and the craftsmanship of the Larkin Soda are beyond reproach. No detail is overlooked. The Larkin is sold in widths of 72 and 88 inches. An absolute American classic that ships out in seven days.

The Margot Sofa by GUS Modern

The Margot Sofa

The Margot Sofa somehow transcends time. It is elegant but modern. The Margot has the uncanny ability to blend in with any style and uplift the pieces it accompanies. The soft velvet upholstery is available in luscious colors like Sangria, Thea Moonstone, Spruce, London, and Midnight. I would check it out just to see what color London is. The pillow back concept is easy to clean and even easier to nap on. The sofa is 83 inches long with a 35 inch seat depth. The Margot’s legs and solid steel with a black or brass finish. And, the Margot Sofa ships out in just two or three days! Get em while they last!

The Perry 2 Arm Corner Sofa by Modloft

Perry 2 Arm Corner Sofa

The Perry 2 Arm Corner Sofa is without question a centerpiece addition to most spaces. It is designed for the entire crew. Currently, large pieces like the Perry 2 Arm are becoming more and more difficult to source and ship. Currently this sofa has around a one month lead-time. Which, considering the big picture is not too bad. At Smart Furniture, we are seeing lead-times up to six months on some of our larger furniture items. So, if you are looking for the perfect corner sofa and you need it before the Holidays, the Perry just might be the one.

The Perry 2 Arm Corner Sofa is the definition of elegant modular minimalism. This sofa is highly configurable to fit the needs of your space. The Perry is built for family life, it can take a beating. Just remember, if you are planning on adding a marque piece for the Holiday season, now is the time to order.

The Recast Sofa by Innovation USA

Recast Plus Sofa

The Recast Plus Sofa is also a bed. That’s right a sofa bed. There are many things to love about the Recast but most importantly, it ships in 3 or 4 weeks which is pretty good for a sofa bed these days! The Recast is mid-century modern meets super functionality. This sofa quickly changes to a single bed by removing the cushions and to a full-sized bed by flipping down the sofas backrest. This stylish and durable sofa bed is a great value priced at $1835. The Recast Plus is 79 inches long and has a generous seat depth of 38 inches. Trending now, sofa beds. Find yours today!

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