Poor office lighting is like a small itch on the inside of your foot when you’re wearing boots. It’ll nag at you all day and you’ll be uncomfortable without completely knowing why.

Every time you squint to see a paper on your desk, an ergonomic office lamp cries while a glasses-angel gets its wings.

When you think about an ergonomic office, your first thoughts probably lean towards your chair, desk, and keyboard. Those big hitters seem to comprise the most important aspects of a body-positive office. One part of the ergonomic puzzle that usually gets left out is the lighting.

That makes lighting very sad, and here’s why.

Most office workers are staring at monitors all day, and those monitors emit a ton of light. So if you need to look down and write something on a piece of paper, your eyes are going to strain to do it. That’s where the bad part happens.

Eye strain can lead to all sorts of bad and uncomfortable issues. If you have to squint to see what you’re working on, you’re losing productivity. Your boss won’t like that. If you have to strain too hard, or you have to move too close to your work in order to complete it, you might experience headaches, backaches, and neck-aches. You won’t like those.

So even though you have a keyboard tray, awesomely supportive chair, monitor arms, and the works, a dimly lit office can potentially negate many of the benefits that those tools give you.

That’s why an ergonomic desk lamp is so important! Our desk lamps are easily adjustable, cool to the touch, have soft lighting that won’t hurt your eyes, and they look awesome. Adding an ergonomic desk lamp to your office will help make sure that you get the most out of your other ergonomic office accessories, and they’ll be stylish to boot.

They can also save a ton of money on your electric bill. Since they’re so energy efficient, you can dim the overhead lights leading to an overall cost savings.

An ergonomic desk lamp might be last on your list of things you associate with an ergonomic office, but it should definitely be close to the top. Don’t put up with eye strain, neck pain, or headaches due to an insufficiently lit office. It’s just not smart.

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