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Humanscale is calling their new Path Chair the planet’s most most sustainable and ergonomically advanced task chair created for every body. That sounds pretty intriguing. Let’s take a closer look!

When Todd Bracher set out to design the Path Chair he intended to couple innovation with next-level sustainability. So, he started with materials instead of design. This ground up design method proved to be very fruitful. In fact, the production of the Path Chair has a net positive effect on our environment. Let’s take a quick look at some of the materials involved in the production of the Path Chair.

path chair
The Path Chair by Humanscale

The Building Blocks

Ocean Plastic

The Path Chair incorporates two different types of ocean plastic, ocean reclaimed plastic and ocean bound plastic. Plastic fishing nets are reclaimed from ocean waters and recycled. Each Path Chair contains over 6 lbs of plastic from fishing nets. This plastic is used to make the arms and the adjustment mechanisms of the Path Chair. Ocean bound plastic is collected from coastal waters and converted into 100% post-consumer polyester yarn know as FormSense Eco Knit yarn. This yarn is used to weave the mesh seat, back, and the lumbar support. The process of creating the mesh for the Path Chair creates zero waste. Each chair contains 3.25 lbs of FormSense yarn.

Industrial Plastic Waste

The back frame of the Path Chair is made of 100% post industrial recycled plastic. This means that the plastic used to make the back of the chair is recycled plastic waste from the manufacturing of other products. Now that is innovative!

Post Consumer and Industrial Mixed Metals

The metal used to create the internal adjustment mechanisms and the arm supports is entirely composed of post consumer mixed metals. These metals, mostly aluminum and steel, are created using post consumer and post industrial metals. Each chair contains 1.39 lbs of recycled mixed metals.

This is not simply an eco-friendly office chair. The Path Chair represents a new standard in ergonomic design. This chair is designed to meet the highest ergonomic standard for 95% of the human population. In other words, it’s designed to fit nearly every body type.

The Path Chair is not only built for lasting comfort, it is also designed for longevity. In fact, as an additional sustainability measure, the chair back, seat, and the arms are all replaceable. This means you can maintain you chair for years without having to replace it!

Simple, sustainable, ergonomic, and long-lasting, the Path Chair checks all the boxes. It’s time to make this chair a permanent part of you home office collection. If you do, please let us know what you think. We rate the Path Chair 5-stars.

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