eames lounge chair by herman miller

Chances are, you’ve heard of Herman Miller. They manufacture some of the most famous pieces of furniture ever made. Between their illustrious selection of office products and their unparalleled collection of designer items, they’re a true titan in the furniture world. But here’s something you may not have known: Herman Miller manufactures almost all of their products domestically in the United States.

Located in Zeeland, Michigan, Herman Miller has been one of the most renowned furniture brands in the industry for the past century. Originally bought as the Michigan Star Furniture Company, Herman Miller initially specialized in industrial furniture. By the middle of the 1900s, Herman Miller found a new niche: modern and original design.

eames lounge chair by herman miller

Beginning with George Nelson and continuing with Charles and Ray Eames, Isamu Noguchi, and Don Chadwick, Herman Miller’s tradition is rife with some of the biggest names in furniture designs. Items like the Eames Lounge, Nelson Desk, and Noguchi Table are just a few of their respective namesakes’ greatest accomplishments.

Herman Miller truly is THE purveyor of authentic American design.

Looking at the laundry list of iconic masterpieces that Herman Miller marshals, one may be inclined to think that HM’s window of innovation is closed. Nothing is further from the truth.

Herman Miller has remained a pioneer of furniture, creating new products that have transformed the way that people interact in their environments. The Aeron Chair, the most famous office chair ever created, represents Herman Miller’s keen eye for improvement and revolutionary forward thinking.

embody chair by herman miller

Additional ergonomic products such as the Embody Chair, Sayl Chair, and Envelop Desk join the Embody, giving Herman Miller a massive presence in the office furniture industry. Even with all of those incredible products, Herman Miller continues to stay ahead of the trends, developing new products that are changing the way that people work. Height adjustable desks, easily installed desktop power outlets, and logical organization are just a few of the products that are proving Herman Miller’s resiliency and staying power in the cutthroat furniture industry.

Not only does Herman Miller continue to manufacture classics in the United States, they also go to great lengths to invest in R&D, product improvement, and new product development. They’ve kept manufacturing in the United States despite other companies outsourcing. Whether upgrading the furniture in your home to give it a trendy Mid-century vibe or making your workstation more ergonomic, you can easily bring made in America quality to those spaces with hundreds of authentic options from Herman Miller.

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