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Storage and style are the most eye-catching elements in Rock/Creek marketing guru and RootsRated founder Mark McKnight’s loft, located in the heart of Downtown Chattanooga. Warm tones and modern lines are on display at every turn. Even though Mark’s home is impeccably curated, the open-space loft has presented some difficulties. He states “a big, open loft reveals everything at once, which can be a bit overwhelming and chaotic.” He has combated this predicament by filling his home with quality pieces rather than cluttering the space with quantity. He organically creates defined sub-spaces by ingeniously using shelves and bookcases as barriers.

The glow of the Stilt Floor Lamp and the Molded Plastic Armchair make for a modern and inviting nook.

” I love Isamu Noguchi’s sculpture, so I have loved his coffee table,” states Mark. The drama of 
the ebonized wood and the clean lines of the thick glass contrast with the lighter-colored 
stone floors and cowhide rug.

Mark’s greyhound, Chase, protecting his toys.

Built-in under-the-bar storage and the Original Cubits combat the lack of storage space.

Warm wood tones are echoed throughout the loft. Similar barstools here.

Mark lounging in the Vitra Organic Chair, which 
he says is his favorite piece of furniture to chill in at the end of a busy work day.

Make room for guests with a sleeper sofa. (Find one here.)

We don’t think the librarian would object to Mark’s color-inspired bookshelf organization.

Use bookshelves to define sub-spaces in your loft like Mark has done here with his bedroom. 
Here is one similar to his two-cubbie-high bookcase.

Mark’s eclectic mix of minimal and mid-century modern makes for a loft filled with style and personality. What’s next for his space? He intends to keep simplifying while adding some Eames classics – like the Eames Storage Unit and Eames Plywood Room Divider. We can’t wait to see how his style and space evolve. See more from Mark on his instagram. Also, visit our apartment page and find more ideas for living in lofts and small spaces.

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