Knoll is committed to three major environmental platforms: Climate change, third-party certification, and environmentally responsible products. Knoll has taken steps to ensure these goals are met, and worked hard to stay ahead of the curve and stand as the most sustainable furniture company in the business. The first and most important step is the contract Knoll has made with themselves, called the Environmental, Health & Safety Plan. This plan has made it possible for Knoll to be the leader in green-consciousness that they are in design.

Climate Change

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Solving the issue of climate change is at the top of Knoll’s sustainability priorities. The Energy Management Plan is the tool Knoll uses to accomplish the goal. The Knoll Energy Management Plan has put the Knoll team to work lowering their energy use, setting up a system for identifying and implementing energy-efficient solutions to waste issues, fundraising for energy projects, and revising the manufacturing process. Knoll has partnered with the Chicago Climate Exchange and the Clinton Global Initiative Energy & Climate Change Working Group. In 2006, Knoll set out to reduce their CO2 emissions by 10 percent in three years. Two years later the goal had been accomplished, and actually exceeded by .41 percent. At the same time they raised more than two million dollars in capital investments that went towards solving the issue.

Third Party Certification

In the interest of improving the standards of the industry, and not just of their own company, the Knoll team has offered several of their sites, including showrooms in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta and Miami. Greenguard CertifiedAll of these innovative and beautiful testing grounds have had great success, achieving LEED-CI certification without exception. The Chicago site is perhaps the most impressive, an-in showroom office area in which employees work under the gaze of prospective customers at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. Separated from the showroom only by strategically placed transparent blinds, the office has accomplished several important goals under the supervision of LEED-CI certifiers, including the use of FSC-certified wood, GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified products, and recycled and recyclable material.

Environmentally Responsible Products

FSC Certified Wood

Knoll is leading by example, but it’s also leading the charge in creating the most responsible furniture on the market. So far the greatest accomplishment has probably been the Generation Chair, the very first chair in the industry to receive SMaRT Sustainable Platinum certification. The chair is composed of up to 46 percent recyclable material, can help to earn LEED credits, and is (materially) energy efficient. KnollTextiles has also gotten in on the act, using special materials and fabrics (some of which Knoll has invented) to re-cast the environmental cost of regular textiles.

Knoll is committed to environmental reform. And they aren’t just saying that: their actions and business practices have proved it beyond doubt. Buying Knoll is buying responsibly.

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