Karman Chair

On May 15th, 2023, the Karman Chair officially hit the market. Karman is the latest ergonomic design by Steelcase. The premium office chair world is crowded and highly competitive. So, what sets the Karman Chair apart?


The biggest differentiator for the Karman Chair is its weight. The Karman is impossibly light. Steelcase developed a lightweight but incredibly durable frame for the chair. In fact, the Karman weighs in just under 29 lbs. By comparison, many of Karman’s competitors can exceed 70 lbs. Although lightweight, the Karman Chair is a commercial-grade ergonomic task chair. But it also makes a perfect WFH chair especially if you need to move around from time to time.


Steelcase developed a proprietary performance mesh for the seat and back of the chair. The mesh seat and back encourage airflow preventing heat build-up. If you are a fan of padded upholstered seats, don’t write the Karman off just yet. Steelcase designed the Karman Chair with a patented hybrid seat. The mesh suspension seat comes with an integrated cushion to provide maximum comfort. The mesh is available in a variety of different colors and even a selection of tri-colored meshes.


This is a stylish office chair. You can customize the look of the chair in several different ways. There are three parts or sections of the chair and a nice palette of colors to work with. The chair in the video below is black on black on black. The frame, arms/base, and mesh are all black. You can mix and match many colors at each of these positions to create the perfect chair for your workspace. This makes the Karman Chair perfect for brand colors of to seamlessly integrate with your home office aesthetic.

In the video below you will see our first look at the Karman Chair.

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