How To Spruce Up Your Home Office for the Holidays

When you work from home during the holidays, it is challenging to stay at your desk. Instead, you feel like snuggling into a warm blanket, sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, and watching a comfy holiday flick. The holidays give cause for vibrant celebration and winter coziness, which your home reflects in full. Down come the rotting pumpkins, and up go the faux spruce branches.

Amidst the low-ringing buzz of holiday anticipation in your home, you can also cheer up your now-dreary workspace. Instead of keeping your office the same year-round, you should incorporate the holiday spirit in full. Here’s how to spruce up your home office for the holidays and turn your bland office into a dazzling celebration.

Begin With the Foundation

The holidays symbolize looking forward in time while also looking back. It is a time to remember and a time to change for the better. When reshaping your home office, look for ways to mix up old interior designs and build in cheery homages to the holiday season.

Reset Your Furniture

Start your work environment reimagining with your furniture. If you have ever moved your bed from one side of your room to another, it can feel like you’re living a whole new life. Make that same change in your home office and reset your furniture layout. Move your desk, chair, bookshelf, armchair, lamp, or any other piece of office furniture into a new configuration that leaves you wondering why you hadn’t done this before.

Resetting your furniture doesn’t have to mean merely moving things around. You can also reset the contents themselves by purchasing home office furniture. Check out our collection of fun, modern office furniture pieces and revamp your look.

Get Creative With Lighting

Too many home offices have bright overhead lights and dim supplemental lamplights. Avoid this imbalance of luminescence and give your office lighting a holiday makeover. Instead of a dim lamp, replace it with a brighter LED bulb. Some even change colors! Nothing says, “Happy Holidays!” like crisp red lighting or moody blue ambiance.

Add some sparkle by hanging up twinkling tree lights. These string lights come in multiple lengths with bulbs in all shapes and colors. Make the most of the season and string up blinking lights around your ceiling or trim. It’ll add a cozy ambiance to your space which you are sure to love. If the ceilings are too high in your home office, zig-zag the lights across an open wall.

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

One of the best parts about the holidays is decorating. So, as you continue on this journey of making your office space feel as festive as the rest of your home, decorate to your heart’s content. There are so many spaces and places to add a bit of holiday cheer, from the walls, the ceiling, the shelves, the mantle, and your desk.

Hang New Art

The quintessential office décor is hanging art on the wall. Instead of keeping the same art and prints up all year, switch out the contents in the frames for a few weeks during the holiday season. Hang up new artwork that reflects the holiday spirit. Do you currently have a painting by your favorite artist? See if they painted any festive scenes or winter landscapes that embody their unique style. Or, you could go for something completely new and develop a set of holiday artwork you only set up for Christmas.

Replace Items With Holiday Versions

One of the easiest ways to bring holiday cheer into your home office is by replacing neutral items with holiday versions. Do you have a “Best Mom Ever” mug on your office bookshelf? Replace it with a Mrs. Claus mug. If you have a family photo on your desk, replace it with a holiday picture from a previous year.

Get Techy With It

Maybe you don’t have all the trinkets and décor to make your home office into a winter wonderland. That shouldn’t stop you from implementing a holiday transformation. Set your computer background to a fun, festive pic and create a holiday-themed laptop screensaver. If you have a digital photo frame that cycles through images on a flash drive, replace those photos with past holiday photos.

Fun and Festive Flora

Add a bit of color and holiday cheer with fun, festive flowers. Hang up some spruce or holly branches. You could get some Poinsettias; since they’re so wonderful and large, they’ll be great to add some color and cheer to your desk space (or elsewhere in the room.) They’re heavily associated with Christmas, so they’ll definitely put you in the Christmas spirit. If you want, you could pair them with some orchids, which are equally beautiful.

In the realm of holiday plants, none are as renowned as the Christmas tree. These fresh-smelling firs with piney needles are the inspiration for holiday candle collections and children’s stories alike. You may have an evergreen fir in your living room, so why not have one in your office? Whether you choose fake or real, the visual impact will instantly put you in a festive mood.

Use all these ideas for how to spruce up your home office for the holidays this year. As you begin preparations, make sure to include your office holiday makeover in your plans. If you thought last-minute gift shopping was hectic, you don’t want to experience the fervor of decorating your office at the last minute.

While you settle into your sofa and peruse your home office holiday ideas, check out our selection of home and office furniture online. If you’re planning to completely start from scratch with your office furniture pieces, our specialists at Smart Furniture can help you find the perfect holiday setup that’ll last for years to come.

How To Spruce Up Your Home Office for the Holidays

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