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When jobs first switched to work from home, many workers expected a brief two-week at-home timeline. Now, nearly two years later, many companies are deciding to remain remote or hybrid for the foreseeable future. The work world is adapting, and it’s time to adapt your home to reflect the new normal.

There are many benefits to working from home, but much of this is dependent on having a space in your home that is functional as an office space. Learn how to create a home office you’ll actually want to work in. Check out some tips on curating the perfect work from home space.

Decide on an Office Space

The most essential step to building a good workspace in your home is choosing where to work at. While it can be easy to bounce from room to room during the day, dedicating a room or section of a room to work helps create some much-needed separation between your home life and your work life.

If you can, try to set aside an entire room for your office space. If there is not an extra room available in your home, setting aside a section of a larger room or converting a closet into a workspace are other options.

Even if you can’t dedicate an entire room to your office space, simply adding in natural dividers in a larger room can make a huge difference. The key is providing yourself some sort of transition from home to work at the start of each day and from work to home at the conclusion of your workday. Work/life balance and separation are essential to maintaining healthy boundaries and mindsets in both work and home life.

Choose the Right Desk

The right desk makes all the difference in an office space. A desk truly signals the tone for the room and the workday. A drab, wobbly desk can ruin what would otherwise be a productive day. The right desk is different for everyone. One of the main perks of working from home is the freedom to choose your desk instead of relying on office provided cubicle.

When you begin looking to buy a home office desk, consider these factors:

  • Adaptability: Do you want a desk that can convert to a standing desk?
  • Style: Do you like modern furniture? Or perhaps a more traditional type?
  • Functionality: Do you need a desk with a built-in outlet? What about drawers or shelves?
  • Size: Are you using a laptop, or do you have a multiple screen set up?

The right desk makes all the difference in your home office space. It’s vital to invest in a high-quality one that will not only stand the test of time, but will be comfortable and functional to work at each day. Ensure you choose one that fits your design and holds everything you need it to.

Get a Comfortable Chair

The chair you choose for your home office makes all the difference in your comfortability and mood. Choosing a comfortable chair that supports your back and ensures proper posture helps in the long term. Sitting for most of a workday is common, but not kind to your body if you’re in the wrong type of chair.

Consider a chair with ergonomic features, including adjustable height, lumbar support, and a sliding seat. The chair you choose should match the aesthetic of your office, while maintaining a healthy posture and comfort level.

Think About Lighting

The lighting you invest in for your home office is vital. You may tire more quickly or even experience eye strain in an environment that is too dark. On the other end of the spectrum, if your home office is too bright, it could feel stuffy and over-stimulating. Try to find a good balance and always leave room on your desk for a small desk light or lamp to provide an extra boost of lighting when you need it.

Here are a few extra lighting ideas for rooms without adequate lighting:

  • Standing lamp
  • Wall lighting fixtures
  • Desk or table lamps
  • Chandeliers
  • LED strip lights

Sometimes, an ambient lighting is best for calming down and getting work churned out, while meetings may require a bit brighter lighting to ensure high-quality video and visibility. Lighting options in your home office are essential so you have a versatile space that functions for each of your needs.

Consider Storage Solutions

With any home office situation, you will need a bit of storage space to keep important files, documents, and other things such as meeting notes. You know your business better than anyone else, so you know what kind of storage you need.

Sometimes, storage space can overtake a room and make it feel cluttered or throw off the aesthetic you so carefully coordinated. Consider looking for some storage furniture that matches or highlights your desk and other current furniture. While an organized space to file and keep important documents is essential, so is the overall feel and vibe of your home office.

Get the Right Gadgets

Working from home successfully requires more gadgets than you may think. From navigating the limitations of at-home outlets to uncomfortably searching for somewhere to prop up your feet during long meetings, gadgets can ease your concerns.

Consider what types of gadgets there are for home office setups that could benefit your personal needs. Anything that makes your workday go by smoother is a gadget that can lead to better work and a more comfortable environment.

When it comes to your home office, it should be designed to your exact needs. Investing in high-quality home office furniture is essential to both productivity and style. This guide on how to create a home office you’ll actually want to work in is a great start to your most productive home office workspace. Working from home comes with its challenges and its benefits. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a perfectly curated and personal home office set up with expertly crafted furniture designed for the at-home worker.

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