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Midcentury modern design is a popular simplistic and retro style. It focuses on clean lines and colorful accents, making it a great choice to pair with other looks. Here’s what to consider when adding it to your home. 

Common Types of Interior Design Styles

Aside from midcentury modern, many different interior design trends have developed through the years. These are the most common. 

  • Traditional: Traditional design, which focuses on elegance and patterns, draws from 18th- and 19th-century Europe. Silks and velvets are common elements, as are rich woods. Think old-school luxury with crystal chandeliers and stunning centerpieces. 
  • Modern: This design style focuses on clean lines and smooth surfaces. Glass and metal are favorite materials. 
  • Transitional: Transitional combines the traditional style with contemporary texture and lines. The focus is on furniture and textiles, leaving artwork and other decor items to a minimum. 
  • Contemporary: Many people group this style with modern, but they are very different. Contemporary revolves around current trends and is constantly changing over time. 
  • Minimalist: Minimalism focuses on clean walls and neutral colors. Patterns aren’t present in this style, and textures create a dynamic but simple look. 
  • Bohemian: This design style is about having fun and thinking outside the box. Boho combines texture and natural elements and gives designers more freedom than other styles. 

What Is Midcentury Modern?

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Midcentury modern rose in popularity in the middle of the 20th century. This design style features retro designs and bright accent colors but is more simplistic than traditional and bohemian looks. It’s popular due to its fun and simplicity. 

Adding Midcentury Modern to Other Styles

Mid-century modern style is an excellent choice to mix with other design styles. Here are five ways you can add it to your home. 

Dining Chairs

Midcentury chairs are a great way to accent traditional or modern dining tables. They are relatively simple to place around an ornate table without distracting from its design. 

These chairs also add pops of color and smooth texture. You can choose wider seats below the table or taller ones to frame an ornate or simplistic table. 


A midcentury modern cabinet is an excellent choice for people that need more storage but don’t want to emphasize it. It can blend in with walls and other decor items.

You can also use the cabinet as a pop of color in a modern, transitional, or muted bohemian style. It can serve subtly as a room’s focal point. 


Midcentury lamps can easily blend with other styles. Their straight shades and various bodies can stand by minimalist and modern looks while evolving with contemporary trends. 

A colorful midcentury modern lamp can complement a boho aesthetic, while one with wooden legs is a slimmer option for a traditional room.  


Midcentury modern shelving is incredibly versatile and can float or work as part of a unit. These shelves are simple but far from boring and serve as the perfect pedestal for other design elements.

You can choose simple wooden or metal shelves as a base for traditional or bohemian decor pieces. Wall models can hold vases, plants, and other decor items. You can also use a midcentury modern bookshelf or another unit to feature books and objects from different design styles. 

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