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GESTURE Chair Review

I was super pumped when we heard that the GESTURE Chair was coming on the market – and I could not wait to get it in our office and sit down in it! I am a pretty fidgety sitter. I am constantly changing positions in my chair and am a bit indecisive about how high my seat should be, where to rest my arms, whether to lean forward or to lean back … and so on. So the idea of a chair that would move with my sporadic seating habits sounded glorious.

Finally the day arrived. The GESTURE Chair was in the office. And, once again, I had to wait my turn before I got to give it a test sit. (I was like a kid on Christmas Eve and Mom and Dad said I still had to wait til morning….) Then, finally, it was my turn!


I’ve been sitting in it for about two weeks now and really love it. It truly delivers all it promises: it’s easy to adjust, comfortable, and moves with you. As soon as I got into it, it was really simple to adjust everything to my liking. I love the easy seat depth adjustment. I’m not super long legged. An adjustable depth is nice so that the backs of my knees don’t have a lot of pressure against them – as has happened with other chairs if I try to sit with my back flush against their seat backs. GESTURE’s seat and back are super cushy as well, making for a comfortable place to sit for several hours a day.

Like I said, I move around a lot during the day as my body gets tired of being in one position for awhile. I’m constantly shifting – legs propped up, one leg crossed, the other leg turned under, lean left, lean right, crossed legs in seat, lean forward, edge of my seat, slumped and reclined, check Instagram, sit straight up … the list goes on. The GESTURE Chair makes all these awkward positions easy.

The GESTURE Chair’s arms move as easily as I do. I can turn the arm pad outward or quicklymove the whole arm – up or down, backward or forward – depending on my needs. Then I just move it back when I shift into my next strange seating position. Normally, if I were leaning more weight to my left, for instance, I’d be jabbed in the side by the arms of a chair.

It’s like a hug while you work…

More about the arms: in my opinion, these are the real stars of the show. The GESTURE Chair’s arms adjust more than any other task chair I’ve seen in my 25 years on this earth. I’m not a big person and my elbows and arms tend to stay close to my body … which is difficult in chairs with wide-set seat and arms. With this chair I can bring them in to almost hug my body. And I can shift the arm pad itself forward or backward depending on how close to – or far back from – my desk I am. I love moving the arms around.

I cannot stress enough how much more comfortable a seated position can be made by simply adjusting the chair’s arms. The ease of the adjustments is incredible. I also don’t have much of a problem with them slipping out of place in between movements.GESTURE Chair

The nerd in me also loves the fact that the arms of the chair slightly 
resemble the Starship Enterprise from the side … am I right?

My biggest and only complaint about the chair is this: the arm pads themselves are very flat and hard. No cushion whatsoever. My arms don’t always lie perfectly flat across them so my elbows end up taking the brunt of the discomfort caused by the arm pads. After my elbows have been resting on them for a while I have to shift my arm position because my elbows can’t take it anymore. When my arms are lying gently across them – for example, if I have a phone or tablet in my lap – the arm pads aren’t a problem at all. So they’re what I would change about the GESTURE Chair if I could.


Overall, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chair. It has a lot of personality, looks amazing, is comfortable and works with me – not against me.


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