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A footrest under your desk is probably one of the most undervalued ergonomic office tools. It’s one of those tools you never realized you need until you have on. It’s also one of those tools you can’t go without once you’ve tried it. There are many different reasons to add a good footrest to your list of ergonomic office tools. And, there are just as many types of footrests. This post will cover the variety of footrest options available and provide a few expert recommendations.

Sometimes the smallest things can provide great value. This is definitely true when it comes to the addition of a footrest. And, a footrest is probably the most budget friendly ergonomic enhancement possible. Talk about bang for your buck!

Many of us spend countless hours at our desks every day, every week, and every year. These hours of seated task work can tale a tole on the body. A seated, working position slows down the circulation of blood in the legs. This can result in numbness and discomfort in the feet and legs. The simple addition of a footrest can significantly improve circulation to the legs and feet, reducing pain and stiffness. This is true for a few different reasons, all based on the physics of the seated position.

If you sit with your feet flat on the floor, the point of contact between the back of you thighs and the edge of the seat creates a circulatory choke point. This contact point slows the flow fo blood to and from the lower legs and feet. A footrest elevates the knees slightly removing the seat edge contact point. This action removes the choke point improving circulation to the lower legs. In addition, the rocking or sliding action of the footrest allows you to change the angle of you feet from toes up to toes down. This up and down movement can prevent blood from pooling in the feet and ankles, eliminating numbness and fatigue in the feet. The addition of a footrest can also improve posture and reduce pressure on the lower back.

Just like anything, picking the right footrest for you office depends on a couple of things, including personal preference. You will want to consider color, style (rocking or sliding), materials, space, and of course, price.

Finding a footrest to match your office is no problem. They are available in many colors and materials. The style of the footrest, rocking or sliding, is really about personal preference. Footrests are designed in many different shapes and sizes. It is important to have plenty of room to adjust you feet throughout the day. So, make sure the footrest you select works with the available space under your desk. As mentioned above a footrest is a budget friendly addition to your ergonomic office. You can purchase a good footrest anywhere from $62 – $267. Let’s take a look at a few great footrests.

The FR300 Ergonomic Footrest

The FR300 is made by Humanscale, an industry leader in the field of ergonomics. The FR300 is unique by design. The tilting motion rests on the action ball-bearing rollers that glide up or down the frame as the feet change position. This footrests stage is solid hardwood and the glide frame is steel. Rubber pads cover all contact points between the frame and the floor to prevent any slipping as pressure is applied. The FR300 also comes with a 15 year manufacturers warranty and it’s super easy to clean. The list price of the FR300 is $119 with free shipping. The FR300 is hands down our best-selling footrest!

The FR500 Ergonomic Footrest

The FR500 is another great Humanscale product. The FR500 is a rocking footrest. The base is designed like the blades of a rocking chair. As you apply pressure to the toes and balls of the feet, the stage rocks forward while pressure to the heels will create backward rocking action. This footrest is made of 99% recycled materials making it a perfect sustainable option. The recycled materials include molded plywood, aluminum, and steel. This unit is packaged in 100% recycled cardboard and ships free. The FR500 also comes with a 15 year manufactures warranty and also lists for $119.

The Task Master Sit/Stand Adjustable Footrest

The Task Master Sit/Stand Adjustable Footrest is designed to compliment a height adjustable desk. This unique product can quickly adjust from a sitting footrest to a standing footrest. The Task Master has an adjustment range from 5.5″ to 15″ making it perfect for those alternating between seated and standing work. The platform of the Task Master is textured with anti-slip material to keep your feet in place. Finding the right height is a breeze with the easy lock button tab system. The Task Master is made of lightweight tubular steel which makes it easy to move and incredibly durable. This product is sold with a lifetime manufacturers warranty and ships free. The Task Master list for $267.

No matter which footrest you select, you won’t be disappointed. A footrest is a simple device with very few moving parts. They are hard to break. And, one should last you a lifetime. Adding an ergonomic footrest to your office or home office is a low cost investment that pays great dividends!

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