The Washington Post mentioned back in October 2013 that a worldwide poll showed that only 13% of people actually like going to work. That is alarmingly low. So we wanted to help improve your office experience with a few tips. Earlier in the month we discussed using an open floor plan to increase collaboration and using ergonomic pieces to create a comfy environment. Today we’re all about declutter and organizing.

Being surrounded by mayhem can be distracting, and productivity suffers. I certainly wouldn’t want to head to work every day knowing I was walking into a headache. The easiest way to start organizing is by giving yourself sufficient storage.  The first and most basic form of organization in the office is a storage desk. Whether you need pedestal storage drawers or upper storage compartments, Hon Voi desks offer a variety of combinations to solve your storage needs.

The Voi L-Shaped Desk with Upper Storage leaves space for leg room.

The Voi L-Shaped Desk with Layering Shelf offers convenient 
access to cabinets and shelves.

A Mobile Pedestal offers storage flexibility. It allows you to keep the necessities handy and the important files close by. Whenever you would like to tuck it away, simply slide it underneath your desk. Steelcase & Turnstone have a range of bookcases, file storage, and pedestals to ease your storage nightmares.

The Currency Mobile Pedestal with Two Drawers keeps the essentials at hand and takes shelter underneath the desk for inconspicuous storage.

Perhaps it is a sign of OCD, but I can’t begin to do my work if my desk looks like a disaster zone. Since desktop organization largely depends on the individual, I suggest creating a happy home for the items you need readily at your hands. The simplest desktop addition to ease such stress is a desk caddy for your writing utensils, calculator, papers, and post-its. Check out my picks to calm your desktop woes: 

The Anderson Desk Organizer easily holds your business cards and pencils

The clean and minimalist look of the Portola Desk Organizer is welcome addition to a modern office

The Cabo Letter Basket will provide a happy home for your papers, files, and letters

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