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Remote work has opened the doors to career opportunities across the country. However, this newly popular form of employment does come with unique challenges. For example, it can be challenging to manage remote work. Setting a schedule and separating work from personal time is crucial to maintaining productivity. This guide has everything you need to develop healthy, sustainable work practices for 2022.  

From ensuring your workplace and living space are separate to communicating with coworkers, this article has everything you need to increase your remote work productivity. So, without further ado, let’s get into the best remote work practices for 2022. 

Best Remote Work Practices at a Glance

  • Create a separate workspace
  • Invest in quality furniture
  • Communicate with coworkers
  • Create a schedule and stick to it
  • Set reasonable goals

Create a Separate Workspace

As Herzing University points out, separating “work” and “play” can increase your productivity. A dedicated workspace can help you get in the right mindset. In addition, you can streamline productivity by separating your workspace from your main living area. While a separate office can be out of the question for a small living space, a dedicated workstation is ideal for working remotely. 

Investing in home office furniture for one area can improve work performance. By dedicating one area of your home to working, you can separate work stress from day-to-day stress. On top of this, having a separate computer space for social media or off-work hours can help you release tension. 

You can avoid burnout and increase productivity by keeping your work area structured. In addition, maintaining a good work-life balance when working remotely will avoid bringing work stress “home” with you, even if your office space is remote. 

Invest in Quality Furniture

Comfortable office space is crucial to working remotely. Since you will spend long periods in your remote work area, high-quality furniture is a must. Things like comfortable office chairs can make a big difference. High-quality office chairs can prevent back issues. Being comfortable in your work environment can also reduce stress. While it is tempting to work from your recliner, proper posture can aid productivity. Good posture can also reduce fatigue. 

Another quality investment for your home office is good lighting. Lighting can be crucial to avoiding eye strain. Good lighting can fight headaches and keep you working at your peak if you are a designer. In addition, good lighting in your home office can improve your mood. Having specific lights for working remotely can also help get your brain into work mode. Plus, improved lighting can benefit you on and off the clock by overlapping your workspace and living space. 

Communicate with Coworkers

One concern about working remotely is the loss of work socialization. According to one study, work socialization is one of the main perks of office culture. Socializing with coworkers is one of the ways employees feel legitimized in their field of work. By switching to a remote job, you risk weaker connections with coworkers. However, you can maintain office relationships remotely thanks to apps like Slack. 

Slack has apps that encourage discussion in your channels using conversation starters. These apps help build employee relationships similar to the office water cooler. Virtual water coolers improve communication with your coworkers and make you feel like a team.

Create a Schedule and Stick to It

Time can feel amorphous when working from home. By setting a concrete schedule, you can avoid falling behind on deadlines. A set schedule can also clearly delineate work time from free time. While many offices have a schedule, remote work can make sticking to a plan complex. By creating your routine, you can avoid work-free time overlap and burnout. 

While sticking to a schedule can be difficult, practice makes perfect. Set time for yourself in the morning before you start work. Having set break times can also benefit your overall productivity. Many personal scheduling apps on the market can help you stick to your work-from-home schedule. Investing in one of these apps can make keeping a schedule a breeze. 

Set Reasonable Goals

While productivity is essential when working remotely, it’s crucial to avoid burnout. Scheduling your time is key, don’t overwork yourself. Sit down each week and figure out what a reasonable schedule looks like. Set goals for your workday and reward yourself for staying on task. While you may not be able to set your work schedule entirely, being honest about what you can get done in a day will help you avoid stress. Be sure to communicate your schedule with your supervisors and work with the team to meet deadlines. Reasonable goals give you a sense of power over your workday and help inspire you to new heights. 

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About the Author: Jamie Cohen is a professional content writer passionate about entrepreneurship, remote work and productivity. Jamie has been building online businesses for over the last decade. But, life isn’t all about work for Jamie. Instead, taking trips to the dog parks with his two Boston Terriers occupies most of his time.

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