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Behold, Ballo!

It cannot be denied that Ballo is the Madonna of office stools. It is a bold stool that goes by one name. But that’s Ballo. Designed by Don Chadwick, Ballo is an innovative multipurpose stool. This stool is a healthy and playful addition to any office or home office. Occasionally replacing your office chair with Ballo is great for improving posture. Ballo is a dynamic seating experience that encourages core and back engagement. It is the perfect solution for short-term seated tasks.

Ballo only weighs 13.5 pounds. It is easy to move around your office. It’s also compact and can be easily stored out of the way. Ballo turns a single desk into a collaborative workspace. It is made from non-slip TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanisate, a form of environmentally friendly rubber). This TVP is very durable and easy to clean.

Ballo is a net positive product. It is Living Product Certified, meeting the most rigorous sustainable manufacturing standards. Living Product Certification means Ballo is water, climate, and energy positive. Creating a healthier world is one of Humanscale’s core objectives. In fact, over 60% of their products are certified net positive. Every purchase of Humanscale furniture actively offsets climate change.

Real Customer Feedback

David Shanes writes:

This is a great product! We have 5 around our office and people use them very regularly. They are comfortable and the supplied air pumps allow for easy adjustment of the “firmness”.

Ryan Taylor-Teets writes:

I sold my $1700 Herman Miller chair and bought a Ballo to replace it!! Best thing I ever did. It is so comfortable and promotes good posture and body movement to keep me active at my desk. No more back or leg pain from sitting at my desk. It does need air to be added on occasion to maintain proper inflation, but that is easy maintenance that I can live with. Highly recommended.

Angela Helgeland writes:

I use my ballo alternately with my regular task chair and my posture has really improved. Plus it’s a great second seat for guests who want to sit close to my desk.

About the Designer

Don Chadwick

California designer Don Chadwick studied architecture at the University of California, Los Angeles. He received Time Magazine’s Best of the Decade Award and is the co-designer of the legendary Herman Miller Aeron Chair. He was also the principal designer of the Spark chair and more recently the Chadwick chair for Knoll. Ballo is Chadwick’s reimagination of the exercise ball. However, where the traditional exercise ball often promoted slouching and curvature of the back, Ballo promotes good posture and active sitting. Ballo brings freedom, and engagement to seated work.

The video below is the official Smart Furniture Ballo story and product review. We highly recommend Ballo. It is efficient, healthy, and sustainable. But, most of all, it’s fun! We think you’re really going to love this office stool.

Check out the Ballo now.

Smart Furniture Ballo Review

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