We visit a customer’s home to give you a look at some really Smart Living!

Design on Demand blog first: we visit a customer’s home to give you a look at some really Smart Living!

Today we visited Allan Davis, a native Chattanoogan raised right here on Signal Mountain. He is a true Chattanooga entrepreneur who loves this city and everything going on in it. We were really lucky to get in and see his place today, since he’s getting married this Saturday. (Congratulations!) Allan’s beautiful loft is located on the top floor of the historic Loveman’s Building in downtown Chattanooga. Loveman’s (circa 1885) was Chattanooga’s largest department store for almost 100 years and, in recent years, was converted to offices and luxury condos. The building still boasts large expansive windows,exposed brick walls, original hardwood floors, and refurbished pillars. It’s a real treasure right in the heart of downtown Chattanooga and is home, not only to our friend Allan, but also Lamp Post Group – a venture incubator – and many other businesses and residents as well.

Allan Davis, Smart Furniture customer and Chattanooga Resident.

In the next year or so, Allan and his bride plan to expand their space to the 4,000 square foot condo below to make room for their first new additions, a Golden Doodle puppy and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy that the couple will welcome into their home after their honeymoon. The pups already have a cozy spot laid out just for them and some dog-friendly artificial grass on the rooftop deck – lucky dogs! The couple’s expansion project has come to be known as “Allan’s Crazy Project” by his brother, a Nashville-based architect.

But even with all these changes on the horizon, Allan and fiance, Seija, love their current space just as it is. The Smart Furniture Studio became Allan’s go-to destination for outfitting his home with all the lovely Mid Century Modern pieces that make the space a real knockout. A neutral color palette mixed with rich wood floors and pops of color in the walls and accents really make this penthouse pad cozy and chic. We stole a few minutes of his time to ask him some questions about his beautiful downtown Chattanooga home.

This place is perfect for entertaining. An open living area features Herman Miller Eames Molded Plywood Lounge ChairsMolded Plywood Table, and Gus Modern Delano Chair.

Smart Furniture: What’s something interesting or special about your home?
Allan Davis: This is a historic building, and actually used to be a department store. I love it because it’s a great live/work space. I can literally take the elevator to work. It’s right in the city center of Chattanooga. It’s growing; downtown and Southside are particularly on the upswing.

SF: How would you describe your style?
AD: The style of this place, I would say, is definitely Mid Century Modern. All these pieces just fit. When we expand this into our new place downstairs, this area will stay the same. Downstairs will maybe be more “homey” once we start a family, but this will remain as it is – we just can’t give this space up. We’re making it work.

SF: What was your inspiration for your space, if any?
AD: Well, my brother and sister are both architects, so they were very helpful in the design. And of course Mom had a lot of input as well.

SF: What made you choose the Smart Furniture Studio?
AD: It was a pretty obvious choice – it’s local and one of the more successful Chattanooga startups. I’m a part of the startup community here and it made sense to support that. Working with Smart Furniture was easy and it’s why I kept going back. Maybe we’ll have to get some Smart Shelves in the place …

SF: What’s your favorite color?
AD: Navy blue.

SF: What’s your favorite item/area of your place?
AD: Definitely the new sofa in the living room. It’s so comfortable.

SF: What would be your dream space/item that you don’t have?
AD: You know, this place is pretty dreamy. Can’t imagine it any other way.

The cozy living area with some of the most comfortable seating … ever.
Showing the Randy Sectional (available at the Smart Furniture Studio),
Scando Coffee Table, and Gus Modern Pawn Stool.

Enjoy the view or enjoy a favorite film on the cozy sofa
or the Stressless Taurus Recliner.

Making good use of a Nelson Platform Bench for honeymoon trip packing!

The MASHstudios LAX Series Entertainment Shelf makes media gear  look good.

Another view of the living room, looking towards the kitchen with the deck in view.

Kitchen with a view, complete with the Kartell Thalya Chair.Thanks to Allan and Seija for letting us peek inside their truly unique home. We wish them all the best, and congratulations on their marriage!
Stay tuned for more Smart Living Home Tours in the future, right here on the Smart Furniture Design on Demand blog.

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