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The holiday season brings plenty of opportunities for hosting parties and family events. Whether this is your first time hosting or you are used to party planning, you should prepare your home to entertain this holiday season. Staying organized and getting ahead of the game will help make your hosting experience go as smoothly as possible. 

Clean and Declutter

First things first, you want to get your space clean and organized. Starting with a fresh canvas can spark your imagination for decorating. Begin with significant cleaning tasks like outdoor work or inspections and work toward the little ones. 

You’ll likely have areas of clutter in your home. They should be moved for the party, especially if you have valuables lying around. Find a safe place for them. 

Decluttering ahead of time allows you to focus more on other aspects of preparation. It is easier to maintain a tidy home than give it a deep cleaning. Make the days leading up to the celebration feel more special by getting the cleaning out of the way. 

Add Decorations

Decorations create the mood

There are plenty of unique ways to decorate for any holiday. Adding decorations is the best way to get everyone in the spirit, whether it’s Christmas or other special occasions. Around 91% of Americans decorate their homes for Christmas. It allows you to get creative and show off your style.

There are many themes to choose from when decorating for the holidays. You may like a sleek white and gold look or you might be more of a classic red and green theme kind of person. No matter what holiday you prepare for, find a theme that fits your personality and make your home reflect it. 

Provide Plenty of Space

Making sure your home is arranged for a crowd is essential for your party. Everyone should be able to move throughout your home smoothly, improving the flow of your event. You should keep less furniture in places where people like to mingle. Moving furniture around allows people to have conversations easier. 

Minor adjustments can go a long way depending on what part of your home you are hosting the party. It is best to keep an open floor space in your living room. You can also opt to put away items that won’t be used to make the area feel larger. Remove things like: 

Make More Seating

Most people tend to stand at parties. If you are serving a meal, it is essential to have adequate seating. Aside from your dining table, you can add additional seating throughout the room. Try adding benches or folding chairs to provide more options. 

You will want to ensure there are enough seats, especially if older people come to your party. If you expect it to be a late night, there should be enough seating so guests can sit down, relax and talk.

Use Lighting

Lighting can completely change the tone and mood of your room. Depending on the time of your party, you can make adjustments to create the vibe you want. Natural lighting is great if you want to make your room look more open and energized. If you want a cozy and intimate setting, use dimmed lighting with yellow or reddish tints. 

Lighting can create comforting or fun atmospheres. You can also use different colors to help with the theme you picked. Red or blue lights are ideal for the holidays, and you can also get fun decorative bulbs that give off effects like snow or sparkling dots.  

Incorporate Holiday Scents 

Adding festive scents to your home is the cherry on top of your perfect party. There’s nothing like walking into a home that smells comforting and festive. You may use many methods to achieve the ideal holiday atmosphere. 

Going classic and baking lots of sweets naturally fills your home with delicious smells. Cookies, pies, or other treats make your home feel cozy. You can also create your own stovetop potpourri, plug in your essential oil diffuser, or light candles. 

Putting It All Together

Enjoy the process of preparing your home for entertaining this holiday season. Planning an event for your friends or family to attend is an exciting time, bringing people together to enjoy each other’s company and relax during a busy time of year. Focus on making great memories with your loved ones while taking pride in your beautiful home.

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