Anyone who’s ever tried to upgrade their office without the help of a professional knows how challenging it can be. Browsing endless pages of online products can raise more questions than provide answers, and navigating the myriad of styles, color choices and accessories can leave your head spinning. Sometimes too much isn’t a good thing.

If you’re ready to design or re-design an office space, Smart Furniture is here to lend a hand. We know your time is valuable, so we’ve staffed a team of experts to help you make informed decisions that will take your space from boring to brilliant.

Before you start a new project, consider these six questions:

1. How many people will your space need to accommodate? It’s important to consider remote workers, part-time employees, contractors and other vendors in addition to your daily crowd. Also, don’t forget to think ahead. Do you anticipate growth? Modular desks like the turnstone Bivi make it easy to add or modify work surfaces as your team expands or contracts.

2. Are workstations fixed or flexible? The days of a person sitting at their own desk all day may be dwindling. Though some companies are deciding that dedicated spaces offer advantages like personalization and limiting the spread of germs, the trend in today’s workplace has shifted away from 1:1 workstations. Proponents of flexibility point out that this new system requires fewer desks—especially when the office provides different work zones for its employees. Regardless of your choice, consider the purchasing implications of each and plan accordingly.


3. What kind of office culture does your company want to champion? Your office space can serve as the catalyst for improved employee morale and better work efficiency. Turnstone’s 2014 Small Business Culture Report revealed that 80% of survey respondents believe their physical environment has a direct impact on their company’s culture. Whether you want buttoned-up boardrooms or free-wheeling fun, don’t forget to design spaces that will support your ideal culture.

4. How does your team work? Do your employees spend a good amount of time collaborating? Do you find that your creative team needs to work in a quiet space? Do your people gravitate toward lounge areas? Spend some time observing your employees and ask them what kind of environment they want to work in. Then, collaborate with Smart Furniture to find solutions for an environment that supports your employees’ work styles and preferences.


5. Are there specific colors you’d like to incorporate? Color presents a terrific opportunity for you to brand your work environment and is one of the easiest ways to add life to your space. Do you want a literal integration of your company’s colors onto your walls and fabric choices? The Steelcase Leap Chair is one example of a task chair available in dozens of fabric colors and materials. If you’d prefer a more subtle nod to your brand or design aesthetic, turnstone’s Scoop Stool keeps things simple with clean lines and an optional seat cushion for a splash of color.

6. Do you already have a floor plan? Not only does Smart Furniture have actual humans ready to answer your phone call, but we offer personalized free space planning services. Leveraging furniture know-how with design services can only mean one thing: a hassle-free office-outfitting experience punctuated with exemplary customer service. Call Smart Furniture today to begin transforming your space.


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